Academic Credit

Academic Credit for EMU Sponsored Programs

All Eastern Michigan University (EMU) faculty-led and some sponsored partner programs provide EMU credit. Financial aid and EMU scholarships are applicable. Letter grades will be awarded for course work completed in accordance to EMU’s grading policy.

Partner or Exchange Program Transcripts

Upon completion of a partner or exchange program, your transcripts will be received and processed by Academic Programs Abroad. Partner and exchange programs additionally go through a credit approval process during application.

EMU students participating in these programs will be required to complete the following document as part of their application:  EMU Credit Approval Form.

Faculty-Led EMU Program Credits

For faculty-led EMU programs the courses are those as listed on the study abroad program page and are EMU-approved by the relevant department. Grades will be reported and posted to your my.emich account as they are received.

Non-EMU Students Who Participated in an EMU Program

If you are not a degree-seeking student at EMU and you participated in one of programs as described above, to have your credits transferred to your home institution, you will need to officially request a transcript from the Office of Records and Registration.

Non-EMU Programs and Transferring Credit

Non-EMU programs are not pre-approved for credit transfer. Below are your options for bringing in credits from a non-EMU study abroad program. You only need to do one of these options.

1. If available, have the non-EMU abroad provider institution/program that you used for the study/internship abroad experience issue a U.S. school of record transcript. You will then be able to transfer that credit to EMU just like any other transfer credit from an accredited U.S. institution, pending approval. You may be required to pay the the non-EMU abroad provider institution/program for the US school or record transcript. Find out about  U.S. transfer credit.


2. If the non-EMU, foreign accredited institution issues a transcript, follow the same steps as international students for non-US transcripts. Have that transcript to an evaluating agency approved by EMU. Get international transcript processing information here.  This option will cost the amount charged by the evaluation agency used by EMU as well as whatever fees may be charged by the non-EMU abroad institution for the academic credit on the transcript.


3. Have an EMU academic department preapprove the experience for an independent study, and register for those EMU course/credits for independent study. This option will require you to pay the EMU tuition rate for the credits in addition to what you have paid the program provider abroad. This should only be used when transcripts option 1 or 2 above are not available. 

None of these three options involve EMU's Office of Study Abroad as these options are only for non-EMU study abroad programs. There are no other options to earn academic credit on the non-EMU Study or internship abroad programs.

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