Programmatic Requirements for BrotherHOOD

The BrotherHOOD Scholars program has programmatic requirements that take place before the school year begins and continue throughout the academic year.

Family Orientation

During this orientation students and their parent/guardians will meet BrotherHOOD staff and go over key program elements. Staff will also answer any questions students and their parents/guardians may have.

Attending this orientation is mandatory for both students and parents/guardians wishing to participate in the program.

Extended Orientation

The Extended Orientation allows students to live on campus two weeks prior to the beginning of the fall semester to prepare for Math, English, Writing and Reading at the collegiate level to start the academic year strong. During this time students will live in a residence hall with designated Housing & Residence Life (HRL) staff and Academic Success Partnership (ASP) staff. Students will attend Math and Writing intensive courses to prepare for the rigor of university and actively participate in structured workshops and community building activities. 

Attending and completing this orientation is mandatory for students wishing to participate in the program.

*Please note all freshman students at EMU are strongly encouraged to attend EMU’s First Three New Student Orientation.

Monthly Cohort Meetings

Scholars are required to attend monthly cohort meetings. During these monthly meetings, Academic Success Partnerships staff will provide scholars with information the is essential to their human development and degree completion goals.

Community Building Programs

Scholars are required to attend our community building programs. These programs are open to the campus community and provides a safe space for students of color to engage in conversation and build community. During this time, scholars are able to actively participate in conversations designed to educate and empower students.

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