McAndless Distinguished Professor Chair

Every year the M. Thelma McAndless Distinguished Professor Chair in the Humanities brings to the College of Arts and Sciences a visiting scholar, writer, or artist of national prominence in the arts or humanities. The chair was established in 1986 through a generous bequest from the late M. Thelma McAndless, Professor of English Language and Literature. 

Nominations for the 2022-23 McAndless Chair have closed.

  • McAndless Committee Members

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    Victor Okafor, Africology & African-American Studies
    Leslie Atzmon, Art & Design
    Brian Scruggs, Communication, Media & Theatre Arts
    Elisabeth Däumer, English Language & Literature
    Kate Mehuron, History & Philosophy
    Anderson Romero, Music & Dance
    Laura McMahon, Women's & Gender Studies
    Audrey Viguier, World Languages
    John Staunton, Honors College
    James Egge, Dean's Office
  • Past McAndless Professors

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    2021 Kevin Boyle
    2020 Jeremy Crampton, Claudia Hart, and Stephanie Kerschbaum
    2019 Corine Vermeulen
    2018 José Carlos Aguiar de Souza
    2016 Alison Kafer
    2015 Annette J. Saddik
    2014 Daniel Johnston
    2013 Laurie A. Finke
    2012 Evan Roth
    2011 Mark Carnes
    2010 Farzaneh Milani
    2009 Ali Mazrui
    2008 Marshall Poe
    2007 N. Scott Hofmann
    2006 Scott McCloud
    2005 Ben Vereen
    2003 Jayne Cortez
    2002 Cheryl Dileo
    2002 Gillian Eaton
    2000 Bouthaina Shaaban
    1999 Susan Tatershall
    1998 Roger W. Wilkins
    1996 Sarah Daniels
    1996 Tom Regan
    1995 Gwynne Dyer
    1993 Bei Dao
    1993 Nicholas Pennell
    1991 Sondra Freckelton
    1990 Kenneth Burke
    1990 Nancy Ford
    1988 Peter Strevens
    1988 Richard Hunt
    1986 Maxine Hong Kingston


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