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Faculty, Lecturer, and Staff Awards

Many CAS faculty, lecturers, and staff have received the Ronald W. Collins Distinguished Faculty Awards, university research and creative activity awards, various teaching excellence awards and other honors such as the Fulbright, National Endowment for the Humanities, Pulitzer nominations, entrance into EMU's Athletic Hall of Fame and grant funding for a variety of projects that touch local and international communities.

2017-2018 Ronald W. Collins Awards for Distinguished Faculty

The highest award that any faculty member can earn from Eastern Michigan University is a Distinguished Faculty or Full-Time Lecturer Award in one of the three primary areas:

  • Teaching
  • Scholarly/Creative Activity
  • Service


Eric Acton, Professor of Linguistics, Teaching 1 Award

Anne Casper, Professor of Biology, Research II Award

Brandon Johnson, Professor and Director of Choral Activities, Creative Activity Award


Part-Time Lecturer Teaching Awards

Sharon Nelson, Doctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology

Sharon Vance, Department of Chemistry


Community Engagement & Service Awards

Lolita Cummings-Carson, Professor of Public Relations

Norbert Vance, Professor of Astronomy


William Fennel Symposium Faculty Mentor Award


Provost's Faculty Research and Creative Activity Fellowships, 2017-2018

Ruth Ann Armitage (Chemistry). "Radiocarbon Dating of African Rock Art: Validation Study of Plasma-Chemical Oxidation."

Leslie Atzmon (Fine Arts). "Design and Science: Catalyzing Collaborations."

Kimberly L. Barrett (Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology). "Examining the Social Control of Environmental Crime."

Logan Bearden (English Language and Literature). "Transformative Writing Programs: Coding Phase".

Heather Dagnan (Communication, Media, and Theater Arts). "Cultural Constructions of Death, Dying, and Grief in U.S. Films."

Abdullah Dewan (Economics). "Analyzing the Linkages of Inflation, Inflation Expectation, and Policy Effectiveness."

Michael D. Doan (History and Philosophy). " Two Papers on Epistemic Injustice and Emergency Management."

Jessica Elton (Communication, Media, and Theater Arts). "Cultural Constructions of Death, Dying, and Grief in U.S. Films."

Cory Emal (Chemistry). "Determination of the Impact of Brewing Methods on Xanthohumol Levels."

Emily Grman (Biology). "Do missing plant mutualists limit prairie diversity and restoration success?"

Hedeel Guy Evans (Chemistry). "Blocking amyloid aggregation by an Alzheimer's Survival Peptide."

Margaret Hanes (Biology). "Describing new plant species from the rainforests of Madagascar."

Beth Henschen (Political Science). "Institutional Agenda Setting in Regulatory Agencies: A Comparative Analysis of the Petition Process."

Kevin Karpiak (Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology). "The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatter Project."

Roxanne Katus (Mathematics). "Plasasphere Expansion and Decay Rates bases on Solar Wind Driving."

Matthew Kirkpatrick (English Language and Literature). "Service Area and Other Stories."

Steven Krause (English Language and Literature). "Completion of 'MOOCs in Context' Manuscript."

John McCurdy (History and Philosophy). "LGBTQ Revolutionaries."

Megan Moore (Sociology, Philosophy and Criminology). "A Forensic Anthropology Analysis of the Tomb of Casimir Pulaski, American Revolutionary War Hero: A Question of Gender."

Keon Pettiway (Communication, Media, and Theater Arts). "'The World House': Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Global Citizenry as Rhetorical Enactments During Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa and Asia."

Steven Ramold (History and Philosophy). "Discipline in Dixie: Military Justice in the Confederate Army."

Michael Reedy (Fine Arts). "OUR INNERMOST SELVES: The Reclamation of Anatomy in Contemporary Art."

Chris Reilly (Fine Arts). "Exhibition at EMU's Ford Gallery."

Rachel Schroder (Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology). "Rising Against the 'Enemies of the Church': The Dynamics of Russian Religious Resurgence and the Making of Its Punitive Normative Regime."

Hannah Seidel (Biology). "Measuring gene expression in active versus dormant stem cells."

Cara Shillington (Biology). "Tarantula Personalities and Handedness: Collaborate Projects."

Brian Spolans (Fine Arts). "Fantasy (Still) Life."

John Staunton (English Language and Literature). "Teaching the Literature Survey Course: New Approaches for College Faculty."

Pamela Stewart (Fine Arts). "Imagining Christ, Performing the Passion: Visual Culture and Confraternal Devotion in Renaissance Milan."

Annette Wannamaker (English Language and Literature). "Cultural Capital and Book Deserts: The Influence of Place, Class, Access, and Market Segmentation on Children's Literature."

Faculty Sabbatical Awards, 2017-2018

One Semester Awards

Daniel Clemans, Biology. "Identification and characterization of cellular interactions between human gut microbes and in biofilm communities".

Abdullah Dewan, Economics. "Linkages of Inflation, Inflation Expectation, and Policy Effectiveness".

Xianghong Feng, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology. "'Small' as a Solution?: Community Participation and Poverty Reduction in Ethnic Tourism in Rural China".

Heather Janisse, Psychology. "Effectiveness of a Parent Focused Obesity Intervention for Low-Income African American Preschool Children".

Melissa Jones, English Language and Literature. "Early Modern Pornographies: For Her Pleasure".

Kevin Karpiak, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology. "The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatter Project".

Jeannette Kindred, Communication Media and Theater Arts. "Academic Service Learning: Assessing Community Impact".

Volker Krause, Political Science. "Guardians of Japan: Elite Perceptions of Japan's National Security".

MeeAe Nam, Music and Dance. "Analytical Study of Vocal Curriculum in South Korean Universities: A Recruiting and Internationalization Tool for Schools of Music in the United States".

Gregory Plagens, Political Science. "Merit Pay in the Public Sector: A Conceptual History and Operational Classification".

Michael Reedy, Art and Design. "OUR INNERMOST SELVES: The Reclamation of Anatomy in Contemporary Art".

Denise Reiling, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology. "Development of New Specialty Area: Sociology of Grief".

Patricia Zimmer, Communication Media and Theater Arts. "The Power of the Circle: Arena Staging and Theatre for Young Audiences".

Two Semester Awards 

Dan Bonenberger, Geography and Geology. "Placing Virtual Heritage:  Geography, Preservation, & Immersive 3D Modeling of Heritage".

Elizabeth Currans, Women's and Gender Studies. "Edge Spaces: Blurring Natural/Urban Boundaries".

Rob Halpern, English Language and Literature. "My Augustine: Untimely Meditations on the Politics of Mourning".

Kevin Karpiak, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology. "Police Perceptions of Police/Citizen Interaction in France After "Charlie Hebdo," Le Batalcan, & Nice and Their Correlates".

Maria Ruggiero, Art and Design. "Ambiguous Spaces: navigating paradox and relative truths".

Alumni Association 25th Annual Teaching Excellence Awards




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