Though College of Arts and Sciences classes are held all over Eastern's campus, online and elsewhere, there are some facilities in particular that we'd like to draw attention to. The following locations are special-use buildings, some on EMU's campus and others at satellite locations throughout Michigan. All of these facilities help to expand the educational experiences of our students beyond the typical classroom, whether through research, display or performance or interdisciplinary efforts.

Two Off-Site Locations (Fish Lake and Parsons):

Kresge Environmental Education Center at Fish Lake

The Kresge Environmental Education Center (also known as "Fish Lake") consists of housing and dining facilities situated on 240 lovely, wooded acres on the shore of Fish Lake, near Lapeer, Michigan. The facility is not only used for coursework sponsored through EMU's Biology Department, but is also a research site for students in the Geology and Geography Department, a stargazing site for students in the Astronomy Club, as well as a facility for retreats and various events sponsored by other EMU departments and K-12 school groups.

Kresge Environmental Education Center
2816 Fish Lake Rd.
Lapeer, MI 48446

For more Information, contact Dr. Marianne Laporte at 734.487.4242 or [email protected].

To contact the site manager, email at [email protected].

Parsons Center for the Study of Art and Science

In 2000, an 86-acre parcel of land near Traverse City, as well as a major endowment, were gifted to EMU from the estate of Jean Noble Parsons. Programming at the Center is designed to bring artists and scientists together for mutual intellectual stimulation. Ms. Parsons understood that artistic creativity and mental health can involve an awareness, understanding and appreciation of natural environments, and hoped to see her property and assets used to create a special interdisciplinary approach to the study of art and science.

For more information, review the faculty and staff visitor's guide [PDF] or the student guide [PDF].

To reserve a date for an event or to plan a course at Parsons, please contact Director Sandra Murchison, Director of the School of Art and Design, [email protected]734.487.0465.

Arts Facilities on Campus

Visual Arts Galleries

The mission of the art gallery program at Eastern Michigan University is to present innovative exhibitions complimenting the University’s academic offerings; research and exhibition; provide a viable resource for arts management training; educate the university and greater Southeast Michigan communities about the forms and issues of contemporary and historic art from all cultures; and fill a unique niche in the region as a venue for exhibitions enhancing the reputation of the Eastern Michigan University School of Art & Design.

The Student Center, located on the north side of campus, houses two gallery spaces. First is the University Gallery, which features major exhibitions and events intended for both the School of Art & Design, the University public and the larger community. A second gallery in the Student Center is directed by the student-run Intermedia Gallery Group, and is dedicated to showcasing student work. It provides excellent opportunities for students to experience firsthand the endeavors involved both in exhibiting their own work and managing a gallery space.

The Ford Gallery, located in Ford Hall, maintains a year-round schedule of exhibitions and artist lectures. It serves as a venue for the work of outside artists, graduate thesis exhibitions, as well as undergraduate and graduate student exhibitions.

For more information, please call: Professor Sandra Murchison, Director of the School of Art and Design, [email protected]734.487.0465.

Pease Auditorium

Historically, Pease Auditorium has been a cultural jewel in the heart of Ypsilanti. Serving the University and community since 1914, Pease Auditorium is a social and cultural gathering spot for people from all walks of life and serves to uplift the human spirit, stimulate thinking and give deeper meaning to everyday life. Over the years, the auditorium has attracted a wide variety of important performers as well as educational and political figures such as: The Philadelphia Orchestra and Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Count Basie, John Philip Sousa, Duke Ellington, the Joffrey Ballet Company, Pearl Bailey, Igor Stravinsky, The Temptations, Cicely Tyson, Robert Kennedy, Wynton Marsalis and The National Shakespeare Company, to name a few examples. Today, the auditorium serves not only as the venue for internationally known performers and speakers, but also offers many performances by EMU music faculty and students.

Theatre Arts Facilities

The larger of our two main stage theatres, the Legacy Theatre, is a 381-seat proscenium stage showcasing faculty-directed main stage productions. In its 50+ years at our University, this theatre has seen its share of fame, from the well-known author and critic John Gassner who was a guest at the theatre's first performance, to alums who have gone on to be in major productions on-and off-Broadway and in long-term TV series, like Peter J. Saputo, AKA Pater Jaye and Dann Florek, best known for his role in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

The 202-seat Sponberg Theatre is the more intimate of our two mainstage houses. It is located just beyond the Judy Sturgis Hill Building's main lobby. It offers a 18' x 40' modified thrust stage. Part of the stage can be removed to accommodate a small band. A system of catwalks allows access to areas over the stage and the auditorium for effects and lighting. The lighting control system consists of 36 2.4k racked dimmers augmented by four CAE ULD-360 portable dimmer packs for a total of 60 dimmers, enabling many interesting effects.

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