Mission, Diversity & Inclusion Statement & Strategic Plan

University Mission

EMU enriches lives in a supportive, intellectually dynamic and diverse community. Our dedicated faculty balance teaching and research to prepare students with relevant skills and real world awareness. We are an institution of opportunity where students learn in and beyond the classroom to benefit the local and global communities.


The College of Arts and Sciences equips students, faculty and staff for local and global community engagement and scholarship and serves as a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and interdisciplinarity.


The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to foster knowledge and curiosity for lifelong learning, strategies to flourish in the face of challenges, and skills to contribute positively to the community. The College promotes an integrated education in the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences.

The College provides a foundation for creative, critical thinking with a dynamic curriculum in order to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The College facilitates faculty engagement in creative and scholarly activities in collaboration with students. Faculty and students serve and enrich regional, national and international communities through vibrant artistic and research programs, as well as civic and educational partnerships.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

One of the responsibilities of a public university is to instantiate the ideals of equity, freedom, and justice, while cultivating a well-informed populace capable of critical thinking and creative innovation.  In service to these principles, the EMU College of Arts and Sciences recognizes that it is only through fostering a diverse and affirming campus community that includes all students, instructors, staff, and faculty that these goals might be achieved.  In the interest of accomplishing these ends, the College shall endeavor, within each of its represented disciplines, to more fully account for the contributions or counter-narratives of previously neglected and marginalized groups, including but not limited to groups who differ by race and ethnicity, country of origin, class, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, and the intersection of these identities.

Strategic Plan

The College's Plan has five strategic areas, with objectives associated with each area:

  1. Teaching and Learning-Programming
  2. Scholarly Research and Creative Activities
  3. Student Experiences and Successes
  4. Improve CAS Identity
  5. CAS Adaptability

College of Arts and Sciences Mission and Strategic Plan [PDF]

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