Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee works to help the College realize its ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members

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    Stephen Jefferson, Psychology, Chair
    Sadaf Ali, Communication, Media & Theatre Arts
    Hannah Blatchford, Geography & Geology
    Gabriela Dumitrascu, Mathematics & Statistics
    James Egge, CAS Dean’s Office
    Joseph Engwenyu, History & Philosophy
    Maggie Hanes, Biology
    Caralee Jones-Obeng, Africology & African-American Studies
    Dyann Logwood, Women’s & Gender Studies
    Maria Milletti, Chemistry
    Brian Sellers, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology
    Ourania Spantidi, Computer Science

  • Campus Resources

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  • Highlights 2021-22

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    "One Year Later: The Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Communities" (May 2021)

    The College of Arts & Sciences' Committee on Diversity & Inclusion and the Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology Department presented a program on the effects of COVID-19. A little more than a year after the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic became publicly recognized, a panel of EMU faculty came together to discuss the ways that the pandemic has affected different communities in the United States. Specifically, Dr. Grigoris Argeros discussed the macro-level structural concerns, barriers, and their various effects related to racial and ethnic disparities, as well as income-based inequalities magnified by the pandemic. Next, Dr. Rachel Schroeder explored the effects the pandemic has had on persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Dr. Xianghong Feng explained how the historical intergroup conflict and anti-Asian hate in the U.S. have been affected by the pandemic, as well as elaborating on the re-emergent issues of racism, xenophobia, and the role intersectionality in recent prejudicial and discriminatory discourses and acts directed at Asian communities during the pandemic. Lastly, Dr. María Luz García discussed the issues and concerns indigenous immigrants from Latin America are facing in the U.S. during the pandemic. Dr. Brian Sellers moderated the event.

    "Students Talk; Faculty and Staff Listen: Students from Detroit Talk to Faculty and Staff about their Experiences at EMU" (October 2021)

    The Office of Academic Success Partnerships and the CAS Diversity & Inclusion Committee celebrated the city of Detroit by spotlighting a panel of bright and promising EMU students from this great metropolis. Students shared stories and insights about their experiences at EMU in hopes that faculty and staff in attendance would gain practical knowledge and new perspectives concerning how we all might better mentor our students and support their continuing success. The presentation was also open to all EMU students and community members who wanted to learn more about EMU’s long-standing relationship with Detroit.

  • Highlights 2020-21

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    "Student Listening Sessions on Diversity" (2018- Fall 2020)

    Listening sessions over the past three years provided students a safe space to share challenging diversity issues in the classroom and university environment impacting student comfort and retention.  The information gathered from the wide array of students informed strategies addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion issues across campus. In 2020 Barbara Patrick organized the focal groups of these sessions for the five colleges.

    "Race, Policing, & Social Justice in 2020: Looking Back and Moving Forward" (Fall 2020)

    This three-part series investigated issues of race, policing, and social justice in Southeast Michigan. The timely and well-attended events not only addressed students’ request for more visible faculty engagement on issues of social importance but also fostered EMU’s relationships with local law enforcement agencies, and provided attendees with tools to meaningfully get involved in promoting social change. Barbara Patrick, Stephen Jefferson, Doug Baker, and Jim Egge organized the event.

    "Fourth Annual Women of Color Feminisms and Leadership Symposium" (March 2021)

    The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies virtually hosted over 240 registrants across the United States for the 4th Annual Women of Color Feminisms and Leadership Symposium. D&I Committee member Drs. Dyann Logwood and Sadaf Ali were part of the planning committee team. Since 2018, the symposium has been a collaborative initiative coordinated by the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Women’s Resource Center, The Center of Race and Ethnicity (CORE), faculty, students, and staff. The theme, “Reimagining, Rebuilding, and Recreating Ourselves as Women of Color,” set the stage for symposium to provide a breathable space for Women of Color to envision a world without limitations, unlearn false narratives of who THEY told us we should be; and to prioritize healing so that we can create new versions of ourselves without fear.

    CAS+ International Committee

    D&I Committee members Joseph Engwenyu and Doug Baker created and served on an ad hoc committee to ensure communication centered on international students. Listening sessions for international students were hosted by the Office of International Students and Scholars.

  • Highlights 2019-20

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    Diversity and Inclusion Statement

    The Committee drafted and secured approval of the College's first Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

    "Race Matters: Equity & Action in Higher Education and Beyond" (July 2020)

    This two-day faculty workshop was sponsored through a Faculty Senate and EMU-AAUP collaboration. Dr. Barbara Patrick, Organizer—and Dr. Judy Kullberg, President of EMU-AAUP, Chairperson of the Faculty Senate Task Force on Campus Climate, Race & Diversity, and Member of CAS D&I Committee. D&I members made these presentations:

    • Including Diversity and Inclusion Values in the Praxis of Syllabus Development and Classroom Engagement (Stephen Jefferson, Chair of the College of Arts and Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Committee, EMU)
    • Mentoring for Belongingness: Best Practices for Faculty and Undergraduate Student of Color Mentorship (Dyann Logwood, Assistant Professor in the Women's and Gender Studies Department EMU and Nicole Carter, Director of the Wright State University Women’s Center)
    • Where Do We Go from Here: Assessing the Status of Students of Color Across the Campus? (Barbara Patrick, Chairperson of the Faculty Senate Task Force on Campus Climate, Race & Diversity, EMU)
  • Highlights 2018-19

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    Meeting with Black Student Leaders (April 2019)

  • Highlights 2017-18

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    Coffee Hour with Students (November 2017)

    Five workshops (Winter 2018)

    The topics of the workshops initially derived from discussions with Ana Ferreira and students in one of her courses. The goals of the workshops included the following: provide instructors and staff information and perspectives on topics centered on race; video recorded each workshop and post it in an archive; and learn from all of these experiences in preparation for future workshops. Former and current students were included in at least three workshops.

    • Issues of Racism as Perceived by Students at EMU (January)
    • Microaggressions (March)
    • Stereotypes and Representation (March)
    • White Privilege  (April)
    • Systemic Racism  (April)
  • Highlights 2016-17

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    The committee began in October 2016 as an ad hoc committee created by Interim Dean Kathy Stacey to explore issues of race at EMU, particularly in CAS, and to advise the Dean on events and issues. In January 2017 the College Advisory Committee asked the Dean to create a standing faculty committee on diversity and inclusion. 

    At its inaugural October 19, 2016 meeting, the ad hoc committee identified critical questions centered on classroom discussions, faculty perceptions of students from lower socioeconomic communities, and how the university might better use data on students' perceptions or feelings around race.

    The Committee presented workshops on “Difficult Discussions” in partnership with the Faculty Development Center.

    In Winter 2017 the committee discussed the Black Student Ten-Point Plan.

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