The MSW program offers advanced level course work and field placements in three areas:

  • Family and children's services

    This concentration prepares you for work in community prevention programs, child and family interventions, protective services, foster care, adoptions, teen pregnancy and parenting programs, youth residential facilities, domestic violence programs, homeless shelters and family court settings.

    Work environments may include:

    • Community prevention programs
    • Child and family interventions
    • Protective service
    • Foster care
    • Adoptions
    • Juvenile outreach
    • Youth residential facilities
    • Domestic violence prevention
    • Homeless shelters
    • Family court settings
  • Mental illness and/or chemical dependency services

    Learn to work towards the recovery and empowerment of persons coping with mental illness, substance abuse and co-occurring conditions.

    Work environments may include:

    • Community mental health settings
    • Residential treatment agencies
    • Psychosocial rehabilitation
    • Substance abuse treatment programs
    • Group homes
    • Consumer run programs and clubhouses
    • Advocacy groups
    • Family support services
  • Services for the aging 

    Become able to serve older persons in agencies such as senior centers, adult day-care programs, home-based services, health care settings, protective services, Alzheimer’s programs, nursing homes and caregiver support programs.

    Work environments may include:

    • Agencies that work with aging senior centers
    • Adult day care programs
    • Home-based services
    • Healthcare settings
    • Protective services
    • Alzheimer's programs
    • Nursing homes
    • Caregiver support programs

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