Eastern Michigan University
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Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Communication

The Master of Arts program in Communication is designed for students, who have completed undergraduate degrees with majors or minors in communication or speech. The program focuses on a strong foundation in communication theory, research, performance and applied communication contexts. The program offers two concentrations in Communication Studies or Interpretation/Performance Studies. The Communication concentration stresses interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural and speech communication.

Graduate students in communication will study and prepare for challenging careers in advertising, marketing, business management, organizational administration, government, politics, public relations, health services and social services, all of which demand a sophisticated knowledge of human communication.

As a graduate student your degree will be a Masters of Art in Communication.

More detailed information regarding the program can be found in the Graduate Handbook.

Graduate Assistantships are available on a yearly basis. Applications for graduate assistants must be submitted by February 15 before the academic year starting in the fall term. Potential graduate assistants must complete the Graduate Assistant Application