Eastern Michigan University
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Undergraduate Programs

As a Theatre Arts student at EMU, you will receive broad-based theatre training in a diverse liberal arts environment, involving both foundational and advanced instruction in a variety of specializations, including:

  • acting 


    Romeo & Juliet, October 2008

  • arts management
  • design and technology
  • directing
  • education
  • musical theatre
  • interpretation/performance studies
  • theatre for the young

Our faculty members are active professionals in the field, so you'll be learning from experienced experts. To help build a solid basis for understanding and appreciating the power of theatre, you'll be given academic and hands-on training for a career as theatre professional, educator, and/or student interested in continuing studies in graduate or professional training programs.

You can select from the following degree programs:


Theatre Arts —B.A.

Arts & Entertainment Management —B.A.

Entertainment Design & Technology —B.A.

Children's Literature & Drama/Theatre for the Young (Interdisciplinary degree w/ Department of English Language & Literature)—B.A.

Comprehensive Communication, Media & Theatre Arts (w/ concentration in Interpretation & Performance Studies or Theatre Arts)—B.A./B.S.


TIPED Course Rotation

Co-Curriculum Programs

You'll also have multiple opportunities to practice what you've learned in our extensive annual Production Series, including

  • Mainstage. EMU Theatre produces six large scale productions annually (September to June). These productions are directed and designed by faculty or guest artists. Opportunities are regularly given to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of assistant directing, design, dramaturgy, and stage management.
  • Second Stage. We produce two small scale experimental productions annually. These provide an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to work with original, more contemporary or non-dramatic scripts.
  • Lab Theatre. This four "slot" production series is designed to provide students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the producing experience. Completely student produced (directed, acted, and designed), the laboratory season offers a venue both for one-act or full length plays/non-dramatic productions as well as our annual Student Written One-Act Festival.
  • Touring Companies. We offer three annual touring companies: Applied Drama/Theatre for the Young, 6 Figures Playback Theatre, and Encore Musical Theatre.

For the most current information about our PRODUCTION SEASON or AUDITIONS. Also visit the CALLBOARD outside the Theatre Office, 103 Quirk Building for the most up-to-date information regarding upcoming performance opportunities.

  • Student Organizations. Three student organizations, Players at EMU, Alpha Psi Omega, and Amplifying the Arts (AMP!) and other performance venues provide even more opportunities to GET INVOLVED and to enhance your communication and performance skills.

Whatever your goal, participation in theatre will help you develop your skills in communication, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and analytical thinking. In all, you'll develop an understanding of and appreciation for theatre's value to challenge and enrich the intellectual, cultural, ethical, and aesthetic world.