Certification and Endorsement Testing Requirements

  • Initial Teacher Certification

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    It is important to apply for teacher certification as soon as requirements are met. A person has up to five years from completion of the program requirements to receive the teaching certificate and endorsements. Program requirements change over time. I person who misses the 5 year deadline can return to EMU to take current coursework and field experiences. Professional Education classes and student teaching credits are valid for 10 years. A person can return to EMU, update classes to current requirements, retake professional education classes and complete additional student teaching.

    Requirements for a teaching certificate in Michigan are as follows:

    Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC)

    Elementary Subject Area Tests

    MTTC #103 Elementary Education is required for all students earning an elementary teaching certificate. It is recommended that the test be taken the semester prior to student teaching. Subject area tests in your major and minor areas can be taken to add endorsements to your elementary teaching certificate. Depending on your major or minors, you could add Early Childhood Education, English as a Second Language, or an endorsement to teach grades K-8 in specific subjects. Test numbers for endorsements are listed below. If you are unsure of which test to take, please ask an academic advisor.

    Elementary Programs MTTC Number
    • Early Childhood: 106
    • English as Second Language: 86
    • French Language: 23
    • German Language: 24
    • Integrated Science: 93
    • Language Arts Group: 90
    • Mathematics: 89
    • Reading: 05
    • Social Studies Group: 105
    • Spanish Language: 28

    Visit the MTTC website for dates, costs, locations, study guides and registration materials.

    Secondary/K-12 Subject Area Tests

    MTTC subject area tests are required in subject you have completed coursework in and wish to be endorsed to teach. A good time to take the test is the semester prior to student teaching. Be sure to take the correct test; test numbers for endorsements are listed below. Please see an academic advisor if you are unsure of which test to take.

    Secondary Programs MTTC Number
    • Biology: 17
    • BMMT: 98
    • Chemistry: 18
    • Computer Science: 50
    • Earth Science: 20
    • Economics: 07
    • English as Second Language: 86
    • Language, Literature & Writing: 02
    • French: 23
    • Geography: 08
    • German: 24
    • Health: 43
    • History: 09
    • Integrated Science: 94
    • Japanese Lang. & Culture: 100
    • Mathematics: 22
    • Music Education: 99
    • Physical Education: 44
    • Physics: 19
    • Physical Science: 97
    • Political Science: 10
    • Psychology: 11
    • Social Studies: 84
    • Spanish: 28
    • Speech: 04
    • Technology & Design Education: 88
    • Visual Arts Education: 95

    Visit the MTTC website for dates, costs, locations, study guides and registration materials.

    Special Education

    MTTC subject area tests are required in the special education disability area in order to have an endorsement to teach that population. A good time to take this test is prior to your student teaching semester. The MTTC in Elementary Education #103 is required for elementary education special education majors as well. Secondary Education special education majors will take the test in the minor if the endorsement in that minor is desired. Be sure to take the correct test; test numbers for endorsements are listed below. Please ask an academic advisor if you are unsure what test to take. Special Education test number for endorsements are provided below.

    Special Education MTTC Numbers
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder: 64
    • Cognitive Impairment: 56
    • Emotional Impairment: 59
    • Hearing Impaired: 62
    • Learning Disabilities: 63
    • Physical and other Health Impairment: 58
    • Speech Language Impairment: 57
    • Visual Impairment: 61
  • Additional Endorsements

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    Michigan teachers are required to periodically update their teaching certificates, and the State rules to do so are complicated. Staff in the College of Education's Office of Academic Services can advise teachers on the requirements for updating certificates and on how to add new endorsements to certificates. Teachers may arrange to meet with an advisor, or if they have quick questions, may contact an advisor at [email protected] or 734.487.1416.

    For Michigan Department of Education information on updating teaching certificates, visit MDE's MOECS website and select "Certification Guidance Documents."

    When applying for admission for continuing certification, you will use a graduate application form. You need to choose the appropriate admission category from the following:

    Degree (master's, specialist, etc.)

    Professional teacher certification (taking classes to earn your professional certificate) Teacher endorsement (only adding an endorsement)

    Certificate renewal

    If you are unsure of your interests, simply apply as a graduate "non-degree" student. Do not use the undergraduate application to take classes for continuing certification.

  • Leadership

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    Graduates of the K-12 Administration Program are prepared for careers as K-12 building and/or district level leadership roles. Students completing the K-12 Master’s or K-12 Certificate (previous Master’s required) will be qualified for a Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Building Level Certification. Those completing a Specialist or Doctoral degree will be qualified for an MDE district level administrator endorsement.

    Catalog Information:

    Applying for the Michigan Administrator Certificate [PDF]

  • Counseling

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    The Counseling Program at Eastern Michigan University consists of three, professional counseling graduate programs. All three programs are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

    In addition, we offer four Advanced Graduate Certificate programs.

    1. Post-Master's Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    2. Post-Master's Certificate Program for School Counselor Licensure (SCL)
    3. Graduate Certificate in Helping Interventions in a Multicultural Society (HIMS)
    4. Postsecondary Planning Specialist Certificate Program for School Counselors (PPS)
    Application for Licensure as a Counselor (LLPC) [PDF]
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders

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    The Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at Eastern Michigan University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders. The bachelor of science degree is available with optional elementary or secondary teacher certification. The master of arts degree, required for professional practice in the field, prepares all students to work clinically in a wide variety of settings.

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