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VISION Volunteer Center

Volunteers Incorporating Service Into Our Neighborhoods 

If you are passionate about volunteering, service, leadership and your community, make yourself at home in VISION. The VISION Volunteer Center provides students and EMU community members with opportunities to learn more about social issues, develop leadership skills and get involved to make a positive change in our society. Our student-led programs, comprised of direct service as well as education and advocacy components, are a great way to meet LBC requirements, earn your work-study award, obtain class credit, meet new people, or spend time learning about our world.

Our Vision

Creating an active and engaged campus.

Our Mission

VISION Volunteer Center aims to provide students with the opportunity to engage with communities through holistic service opportunities, mutually beneficial community partnerships, and immersion programs that coincide with and enhance students' academic and personal goals. VISION also aims to provide community based and active citizenship education, while fostering an inclusive space that helps students lead productive, socially conscious lives.

VISION Volunteer Center's mission aligns with the mission, vision and themes of Eastern Michigan University and the university Strategic Plan.


  • Provide students with an array of different types of holistic service, community engagement, and immersion opportunities.
  • Create and sustain mutually beneficial community partnerships that meet student and community needs.
  • Offer programs that are socially conscious, and programs that are holistic by including education, service, and reflection components.
  • Help students attain personal and professional goals while learning about communities and social issues.
  • Foster student retention and engagement by helping students get involved and see value in their activities.
  • Assess and evaluate impact on the community, campus, and on individual student learning.

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