James Saunoris

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703F Pray Harrold


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Mon/Tues 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m

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  • Ph.D. University of Kentucky, 2012
  • MS, Illinois State University, 2007
  • BS, Illinois State University, 2005

Interests and Expertise

His primary research interests are in the applied areas of:

  • Public finance
  • Macroeconomics,
  • Corruption
  • The shadow economy
  • Entrepreneurship

His research has been published/is forthcoming in economic journals such as:

  • Public Choice
  • Public Finance Review
  • Applied Economics
  • Economic Modelling
  • Southern Economic Journal
  • The World Economy
  • Review of Development Economics
  • Contemporary Economic Policy


  • Principles of macroeconomics
  • Intermediate macroeconomics
  • Government finance (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Econometric analysis
  • Macroeconomic analysis (graduate)
  • Macroeconometrics and time series analysis (graduate)
  • Research seminar in economics (graduate)

Publications and Presentations

  • "Give me Liberty, or I'll Produce Underground: Effects of Economic Freedom on the Shadow Economy" with Aziz Berdiev and Friedrich Schneider, forthcoming in Southern Economic Journal.
  • "Drivers of the Underground Economy for Over a Century: A Long Term Look for the United States" with Rajeev Goel and Friedrich Schneider, forthcoming in Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.
  • "Corruption and the Shadow Economy: A One-way or Two-way Street?" with Rajeev Goel and Aziz Berdiev, forthcoming in The World Economy.
  • "Growth in the Shadows: Effect of the Shadow Economy on U.S. Economic Growth Over More than a Century" with Rajeev Goel and Friedrich Schneider, forthcoming in Contemporary Economic Policy.
  • "Revisiting the Relationship Between the Economy and Crime: The Role of the Shadow Economy" with Michael Rocque and Emily Marshall, forthcoming in Justice Quarterly.
  • "Corruption and Entrepreneurship: Cross-country Evidence from Formal and Informal Sectors" with Aziz Berdiev, Southern Economic Journal 84(3), 2018, 832–848.
  • "Does Globalization Affect the Shadow Economy?" with Aziz Berdiev, The World Economy , 41(1), 2018, 222–241.
  • "Unemployment and international shadow economy: Gender differences" with Rajeev Goel, forthcoming in Applied Economics, 49(58), 2018, 5828–5840.
  • "Is the Shadow Economy a Bane or Boon for Economic Growth?", Review of Development Economics, 22(1), 2018, 115–132.
  • "Dynamics of Knowledge Spillovers from Patents to Entrepreneurship: Evidence Across Entrepreneurship Types" with Rajeev Goel, Contemporary Economic Policy, 35(4), 2017, 700–715.
  • "Entrepreneurship and Economic Freedom: Cross-Country Evidence from Formal and Informal Sectors" with Aishath Sajny (student), Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 29, 2017, 292–316.
  • "The Nexus of White Collar Crimes: Shadow Economy, Corruption, and Uninsured Motorists" with Rajeev Goel, Applied Economics, 31, 2017, 3032–3044.
  • "Financial Development and the Shadow Economy: A panel VAR Analysis" with Aziz Berdiev. Economic Modelling, 57, 2016, 197–207.
  • "Exploring the Dynamics of the Shadow Economy Across US States" with Aziz Berdiev and Cullen Pasquesi-Hill (Student), Applied Economics, 47(56), 2015, 6136–6147.
  • "Intranational and International Knowledge Flows: Effects on the Formal and Informal Sectors" with Rajeev Goel and Xingyuan Zhang, Contemporary Economic Policy, 34(2), 2016, 297–311.
  • "Casting a Long Shadow? Cross-border Spillovers of Shadow Economy across American States" with Rajeev Goel, Public Finance Review, 44(5), 2016, 610–634.
  • "Government Decentralization and Prevalence of the Shadow Economy" with Rajeev Goel, Public Finance Review, 44(2), 2016, 263–288.
  • "The Dynamics of the Revenue-Expenditure Nexus in State Government Finances" Public Finance Review, 43(1), 2015, 108–134.
  • "Global Corruption and the Shadow Economy: Spatial Aspects" with Rajeev Goel, Public Choice, 161(1–2), 2014, 119–139.

For other publications, see Dr. Saunoris' website.

Additional Information

For more information on Dr. Saunoris' research and teaching, visit his website.