Poor quality costs the U.S. economy trillions of dollars per year. Increasing the quality in data collection alone boosts revenue in the average company by 66%.  Since 1986, Professional Programs & Training (PPAT) has been a leader in quality and continuous improvement training and consulting, working with organizations of all sizes in Michigan and throughout the United States. Our knowledgeable instructors consistently receive top evaluation scores for their expertise, experience and teaching effectiveness.

Open Enrollment Classes

PPAT offers open enrollment and online classes in a variety of quality and continuous improvement topics related to quality standards and planning, continuous improvement methods, productivity and cost reduction.

Contract Training

When open enrollment isn’t the right match or when you need training for a group, consider bringing one of our expert trainers to your facility. Contract training provides a cost effective and convenient way to train your employees. We can provide your company with practical and proven quality training and consulting services including programs tailored to your processes and gap analysis workshops for your team. Contact us for a quote.

Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs provide both beginning and experienced quality and continuous improvement professionals with the knowledge and skill they need to excel. Enroll as a certificate program member and receive a discounted rate on all classes in your program.

  • Business Process Optimization

    Business Process Optimization (BPO) involves the integration of business improvement methodologies with emerging leading practice to drive organizational performance through optimization of business processes. In contrast to many improvement models in use today, BPO provides a framework for process optimization that is both flexible and adaptable to an organization's unique needs and vision.

Advisory Board

Comprised of leaders from various organizations and roles within industry, PPAT advisory boards assist in bridging professional and continuing education offerings to industry needs through the provision of strategic advice such as identifying industry needs and trends, consulting on the development of new and existing curriculum and credentials, and discussing ways PPAT can better meet the professional development needs of the industry they represent.

In addition to their advisory roles, board members also serve as program ambassadors, helping to generate awareness of PPAT’s unique curriculum regionally, nationally and globally. Meet our 2021-2022 Quality and Continuous Improvement Advisory Board.

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