Institute for the Study of Children, Families and Communities (ISCFC)

Since 1979, ISCFC has provided research and service resources for local and state-wide community development. Faculty, students and community members with interests in education, health, human services and community development should contact ISCFC to explore research, grant, careers and current program opportunities. 


Family Empowerment Program

The Family Empowerment Program (FEP) is an academic, employment, and savings incentive program designed to help low income families gain education and career skills in order to improve their financial situation and progress toward self-sufficiency. All participants must fulfill varying categories of objectives. Through partnerships and programming, the vision of the Family Empowerment Program is to develop a social services program that will substantially improve educational, health, and economic outcomes for those participating in the FEP.

The Family Empowerment Program works closely with the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University Schools of Social Work. Since its inception FEP has been a field placement site for over 20 BSW/MSW students. The program provides EMU’s Social Work 350 students their first community experience through various projects. By establishing and nurturing community connections while establishing relevant goals for participants, the FEP helps its residents achieve success by assisting them in gaining traction at their jobs, improving education, financial literacy, and other measures that are designed to help families work their way to self-sufficiency.


Mark Hammond
Site Director | [email protected] | 734.340.2411

Marquan Jackson
Director | [email protected] 734.340.2411

Upward Bound

EMU Upward Bound is a Federally-funded pre-college academic program designed to provide students from Ypsilanti Community High School with the academic skills enhancement and motivation necessary to obtain a college degree. EMU Upward Bound is staffed by experienced, caring counselors and professionals who want to help young people achieve their dreams and most importantly build their character. Program services and activities are free to those who participate in the program. Participants can even earn a monthly stipend for miscellaneous education expenses.

EMU Upward Bound provides its students a unique support system in College readiness and planning, Career exploration and Social and cultural enrichment.


Roderick Wallace
Director | [email protected]  | 734.487.5690

Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition

Community stewardship transforms education and our future. The Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS Coalition) nurtures partnerships between schools and innovative thinkers in the community. We build communities that support visionary practices in our schools and beyond— so that students can grow into citizen-stewards of healthy ecological-social systems.

Place-based education is more than taking a fun field trip. Place-based education drives student engagement. It’s a transformative approach that makes learning real and empowers students to create positive change in their communities while mastering an integrated array of skills. Learn more.


Ethan Lowenstein
Director | [email protected] | 734.487.0372

Bright Futures 

Bright Futures forges an alliance with three economically challenged suburban school districts and Eastern Michigan University’s Institute for the Study of Children, Families, and Communities. The project serves two sites in the Romulus Community Schools (Romulus Middle and Romulus High Schools), nine sites/10 programs in the Wayne-Westland Community School District (Hicks Elementary, Taft-Galloway Elementary, Adams Lower Elementary serving Hamilton and Elliott Elementary; Adams Upper Elementary, Marshall Upper Elementary, Franklin Middle School, Stevenson Middle School, John Glenn High School and Wayne Memorial High School), and eight sites in the Ypsilanti Community Schools (Adams STEM Academy Elementary, Erickson Elementary, Estabrook Elementary, Holmes Elementary, Ypsilanti Community Schools Middle School, Washtenaw International Middle Academy, Ypsilanti Community High School, and Ypsilanti New Tech High School).  Bright Futures is designed to address the needs expressed by the families and children served, community stakeholders, and school staffs. The strongest needs are in the areas of math, reading, writing, health, and social growth.

Bright Futures programs meet after school for three hours Monday through Thursday, 32 weeks during the school year and 6 weeks in the summer. Students participate daily in homework help, targeted academic assistance, mentoring, and service-learning and select from a rotating menu of clubs and activities. Clubs focusing on student interests in science, the arts, technology, engineering, culinary, and physical fitness integrate writing skills, personal development, and specific skills to support a successful transition from elementary to middle and from middle to high school.


Scott Teasdale
Assistant Director | [email protected]  | 734.487.0372

For general questions or inquires please contact Scott Teasdale.

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