GameAbove College of Engineering & Technology Faculty Fellow


About this Position

The Faculty Development Center, in conjunction with the GameAbove College of Engineering & Technology, welcomes applications for a Faculty Fellow for the winter 2024 semester.  This faculty fellow will be released from teaching one course during the winter semester (or, at their choice, can receive an honorarium for an equivalent amount). The goal of this Faculty Fellowship would be to provide programming, through the auspices of and with the full support of the FDC, that would address the unique needs of the GACET.  The expectation is that the faculty fellow would provide about four programs for the college during the semester, which can include one-off workshops, a series of programs on the same topic, inviting guest-speakers to campus, or other ideas that the fellow would like to propose.  

Programming should be on topics of particular interest to the college community - faculty, students, and staff - and to EMU.  This could include (but is not limited to):

  1. Retention and graduation of underrepresented minority students
  2. Recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority faculty
  3. Mental health support for faculty and/or students
  4. Improving faculty collaboration in research and teaching
  5. Increasing successful proposals for major external funding
  6. Effective strategies to initiate and grow new academic programs
  7. Support and mentorship methods for new faculty
  8. Improving faculty-industry collaboration in research and teaching
  9. Novel teaching methods and assessment techniques for STEM majors
  10. Modern student recruitment strategies
  11. Building effective student-faculty partnerships to support teaching and learning in the college

The Faculty Fellow would be given a budget of up to $2500 to support such programming.  This can include expenses associated with events - including food, speaker fees, modest honoraria to participants (particularly for multiple-session programs) or other such things.  We would be open to creative use of this funding to achieve goals for the fellowship.

The deadline to apply for this position has passed. We look forward to announcing the faculty fellow soon.

Please contact Jeffrey Bernstein, Director of the Faculty Development Center, or Kasim Korkmaz, Associate Dean of GACET, if you have any questions about this faculty fellowship.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the GameAbove Faculty First Fund for their backing of this initiative.