The Presidential Scholarship

Eastern Michigan’s Presidential Scholarships are awarded competitively using the application process detailed below. Qualified students apply to receive our largest academic award: a four-year, full-ride Presidential Scholarship, valued at approximately $90,000 over four years. 

Applications will become available in August.


In addition to completing the application process, interested prospective students will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be officially admitted to EMU as a traditional incoming Freshman
    • Applicants must have at least a 3.5** cumulative GPA and 25 composite ACT or 1200 SAT (Critical Reading + Math)
  • Visit campus on or after January 1st (Approved visit programs include official campus visits and virtual visits)
  • Complete application information (detailed below). 

Application Process

The application for the Presidential Scholarship consists of two portions:

  • Students must register for the Presidential Scholarship. (Application will become available in August.)
  • Once registered, students will receive an email with our required supplemental application.

**If your school does not weight grades for honors or AP/IB courses, we'll review your transcripts and recalculate, if necessary.

If you have questions regarding The Presidential Scholarship, contact the Office of Admissions staff at 734.487.6453, or email [email protected].