Kenneth Rusiniak

A photo of Kenneth Rusiniak


Psychology; Neuroscience

341F Science Complex



  • Ph.D., UCLA, 1976
  • MA, UCLA, 1974
  • BA, Northern Illinois University, 1971

Interests and Expertise

Graduate and Undergraduate

  • Animal learning and behavior
  • Comparative psychology and ethology
  • Psychobiology
  • Motivation
  • Physiological substrates for learning
  • Applications of conditioning principles to field and clinical problems


  • Learning
  • Physiological psychology
  • Comparative
  • Introductory
  • Perception
  • History and systems
  • Experimental
  • Statistics

Research Interests

  • Behavioral
  • Neurological and development mechanisms of learning and memory
  • Feeding and conditioned flavor aversions
  • Brain damage
  • Drug effects
  • Animal behavior
  • Field applications of CTA on predation


  • PSY 356 Motivation and Emotion
  • PSY 457 Psychological Psychology
  • PSY 479 Special Topics Psychology of Sex and Eating
  • PSY 458 Comparative Animal Behavior
  • seminar in physiological psychology
  • PSY 101 General Psychology
  • PSY 304 Learning
  • drugs and behavior
  • PSY 301W Introductory Experimental Psychology [GEWI]
  • psych of eating creativity and relaxation
  • conservation
  • Taught in BS, MS and Ph.D. level programs
  • Supervised Ph.D. dissertation
  • Directed MS theses
  • Directed independent research

Publications and Presentations

  • Rusiniak, K.W., Lipinksi, W.J., Johnson, M.D. Cholinergic antagonists disrupt conditioned odor and taste aversions. (in preparation).
  • Rusiniak, K.W., Lipinski, W.J., Hilliard, M. and Davis, R.E. Differential effects of nerve growth factor on conditioned odor and taste aversion. (in preparation)
  • Rusiniak, K.W., Lipinski, W.J., Hilliard, M. and Davis, R.E. Nerve growth factor facilitates memory for conditioned taste aversion. (in preparation)
  • Lipinski, W.J., Pryor, D., Potts, M. and Rusiniak, K.W. (1995). Nerve growth factor improves conditioned taste and odor aversion memory in rats when given post-illness training. Society for Neuroscience (Michigan Chapter), Ann Arbor, MI, 67 (abst).
  • Lipinski, W.J., Callahan, M.J., Hilliard, M. Rusiniak, K.W. and Davis, R.E. (1993). Enhancement of conditioned taste aversion performance in rats by nerve growth factor. Society for Neuroscience (Michigan Chapter), Cranbrook, MI, 37 (abst).
  • Rusiniak, K. W., Hilliard, M. and Poschel, E. J. (1993). Individual differences in lithium chloride sensitivity in rats. Michigan Academician, 25, 147–157.