Combined Bachelor's/MPA

The combined bachelor’s degree in political science (PLPA) or public administration (PAPA) and master’s in public administration degree is an accelerated, five-year program in which exceptional students earn both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students spend their first three years engaged in undergraduate studies and their final two completing the graduate program. The total number of credits needed for the program is 151. At the undergraduate level, students complete their general education requirements, a minor and an abbreviated version of the undergraduate public administration or political science major. Starting their fourth year, students complete all 42 hours of the MPA program and a portion of the credits double count toward the undergraduate BS degree.

The curriculum requires two internships: one as part of the undergraduate major, the second in the MPA portion. Thus, students have substantial field experience in public administration upon completing the full BS/MPA degrees.


Students are invited to apply to the combined bachelor's/MPA program by February 1 of their junior year and are offered admission by March 1 of their junior year. Applications require letters of recommendation, a personal statement focusing on career goals and reasons for applying to the program, and an interview with the MPA director (or a designate). A minimum 3.3 grade point average is required for entry to this program.

Students can learn more by visiting the graduate catalog:

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