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Student at the Undergraduate Symposium
Student at the Undergraduate Symposium



Students have abundant opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects or conduct independent research projects under faculty supervision. In a typical year, about 20 students from the Political Science Department present research projects at EMU’s annual Undergraduate Symposium. Visit the Undergraduate Symposium website for more information.

Academic Teams

The department sponsors and coaches three highly successful academic teams: Mock Trial, Model UN, and Moot Court. Students travel across the country competing against hundreds of other universities. Numerous students have won recognition for outstanding performances at regional and national events.

Mock Trial News

The Mock Trial team at the MSU tournament.
The Mock Trial team at the MSU tournament.


The Mock Trial team has had a successful start to the 2019-20 season competing in tournaments at Michigan State University, Case Western University, and Penn State University. At the Michigan State tournament the A Team placed first,with Kelsey Hall winning the Outstanding Attorney Award on the side of the prosecution and Jillian Jones winning the Outstanding Witness  Award on the side of the defense. Team Gold placed third in the tournament at Penn State University, and Thomas Graham was awarded the Outstanding Attorney Award. At Case Western University, the Green and White Teams competed against Carnegie Mellon, Illinois, Michigan, and Northwestern, among others, and Meagan Putnam received the Outstanding Witness Award.

Model UN November 2019
Model UN November 2019


Model UN News

In a simulation of international diplomacy, twenty EMU students attended the American Model United Nations (AMUN) conference in Chicago from November 23-26, 2019. The delegation earned two awards for outstanding diplomacy while representing the nations of Iran and Libya.

Russia Travel Course
Study Abroad Course in Russia
Russia Travel Course

Study Abroad Course in Russia

Study Abroad and U.S. Travel Courses

Our students have various opportunities to learn around the country and the world. In recent years, students have taken a civil rights tour through Alabama and Mississippi, viewed the political process up close in Washington, D.C., and explored the politics of poverty, human rights, and health in countries like Guatemala and Russia. Visit the Office of Study Abroad website to learn more.

Student Organizations

Through department-sponsored organizations, like the national political science honor society Pi Sigma Alpha and the Public Administration Club, students can continue to learn outside of the classroom by attending lectures, networking, and participating in other events related to government and professional development.


Our students gain real-world work experience through internships. Typically, our interns work 10-20 hours per week and participate in a seminar course with fellow interns and a faculty advisor. To learn more about internship requirements, opportunities, and resources, visit our internships page.

Read about the internship experiences of a few of our students:

Alexa Cooley

"As an intern for Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-12) in her office in Washington, D.C., some of my duties included attending policy briefings and meetings, legislative research, writing pieces for official record, taking photos at press conferences, doing research on local and national news, and helping come up with content for social media posts. Also the regular answering the phones, manning the front desk, and giving tours of the Capitol to constituents.

The most valuable aspect of my internship was working with the staff and my fellow interns and being on the frontlines of federal policy. I had the pleasure of working with the amazing and brilliant Dingell staff, who taught me so much. I got an inside look at the policies that Congresswoman Dingell supported, and all the work goes into those decisions. There is no better teacher than experience, and I was able to experience it all while interning in the office. I could not be more thankful for the work that I was able to do and the people I had the pleasure of meeting."

Olivia Harvey

"My internship placement at Eastern Michigan University’s Autism Collaborative Center granted me the opportunity to work “behind the scenes,” completing the tasks that often go unrecognized to ensure activities are well prepared, organized, and facilitated. Serving as a Little Eagles Summer Camp Administrative Assistant gave me a greater appreciation for the groundwork that takes place to ensure a program's success."

Nichole Allain

"My internship at Animals & Society Institute was a wonderful experience. During my time at ASI, I was able to develop social media content that promoted their mission. I also enjoyed learning how to create, schedule, and post content for their website. The hands-on practice that I received is invaluable. I was introduced to the different programs and studies that were happening. The projects that I worked on were interesting and also informative. I have a greater understanding now of the inner workings of a nonprofit organization. That is not always something that can be taught in a classroom."

Jordan Weeks

 "I was an intern for the Public Defenders of Washtenaw County, where I got to interview clients inside and outside of the jail, help new clients with paperwork, and act as a middle man between the defender for the court, and the clients that came into the court. The most valuable aspect of the internship was being able to help out people navigate a complex court system, where in many other countries they may not have the chance at a fair trial."

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