Internship and Study Abroad Awards

Competitive awards are available from the Joe Ohren Student Internship Fund and Political Science Study Abroad Fund.

Please visit the Political Science Department's Listing of Scholarships for application forms and deadlines.


  • Joe Ohren Student Internship Fund

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    Students completing an unpaid internship for academic credit in either the MPA program or one of the undergraduate majors in the department. Award may be used in summer, fall or winter semesters.

    Selection Criteria

    Awarded to student(s) completing an unpaid internship for academic credit in either the MPA program or one of the undergraduate majors in the department. Undergraduate recipients must have junior or senior status; MPA students must have completed 24 credit hours. Recipients must have at least a 3.5 GPA or, for undergraduates, a 3.5 in their last 30 credit hours. Applicants: submit a personal statement no longer than two double-spaced pages that outlines how the internship is integrated into your post-graduation career plans.

    2019–20 recipient: Jordan Weeks

    Learn more about Dr. Joseph Ohren

    Dr. Joseph Ohren joined Eastern Michigan University’s Political Science Department in 1985. Joe taught and mentored countless students during his time at EMU and played a leadership role in the Master of Public Administration program through all of these years. MPA and undergraduate students benefited from his connections to government and nonprofit organizations, not only through internships and full-time positions, but also through his applied research activities. Throughout his career, Joe dedicated himself to the education of future public servants and helped more than 60 local communities with goal setting, team building, strategic management and performance management.

    His professionalism, kindness and supportive manner made him an ideal role model for students, and for future public servants, and made him a beloved member of the faculty. Although retired from teaching as of 2016, Joe intends to continue his community work through leadership workshops.

  • Political Science Study Abroad Scholarship

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    Undergraduates in any major in the Department of Political Science. Funds may be used for any program-related expenses.

    Selection Criteria

    Available to an undergraduate with any major in the department who has a GPA of 3.0 or higher and at least 30 credit hours at EMU. The award can be used for any program-related expenses (not just tuition and fees) in any EMU-approved study abroad program. Applicants: provide evidence of acceptance in your study abroad program.


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