Application Process

For your internship to count for academic credit, you must meet with Dr. Shu Wang, who teaches the internship seminar, prior to starting your internship. Be sure to come with an idea of what you are looking for in an internship. It saves time as choosing an area of interest can be one of the most difficult steps in the search.

  1. Meet with Dr. Wang in 601 Pray-Harrold to discuss your interests, career plans, and internship ideas.
  2. Complete an internship application [PDF] and either bring it to your first meeting with Dr. Wang or submit it to her shortly thereafter.
  3. After the initial meeting with Dr. Wang, you must then locate a suitable internship placement.
  4. Once you have secured a placement, consult Dr. Wang again to obtain Department Permission to register.
  5. Once permission has been granted, you should then register for the internship. (Consult the undergraduate or graduate catalog or the semester schedules for more information.) 
    • PLSC 387 Cooperative Education program in Political Science
    • PLSC 486 Political Science Internship, 3 credits
    • PLSC 487 Cooperative Education program in Political Science
    • PLSC 488 Political Science Internship, 6 credits
    • PLSC 489 Political Science Internship, 9 credits
    • PLSC 480 Field Seminar
    • PLSC 587 Cooperative Education program in Political Science for graduate students only
    • PLSC 588 Practicum in Public Affairs, required for all pre-service graduate students in the MPA program

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