Stephen Jefferson

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Associate Professor


341G  Science Complex


[email protected]

Interests and Expertise

My current research interests focus upon identifying the psychological effects of social disenfranchisement on the targets of such treatment, with particular emphasis being placed upon the potential mediating or moderating effects of social identity in this dynamic. Specifically, I examine how racial identity endorsement influences how African Americans perceive and respond to instances of discrimination. Further, I also explore such models with gay and lesbian targets of discrimination. Finally, I seek to identify and understand the negative effects incumbent with the experience of social privilege. With regard to the latter work, I have primarily focused upon White identified targets; however, my lab is beginning to also explore the negative consequences of male privilege as well.


  • PSY 101 General Psychology
  • PSY 309 Social Psychology
  • PSY 340 Psychological Perspectives on Prejudice and Discrimination
  • PSY 360 Abnormal Psychology