EMU Family Participant Pool

Get paid while having fun and making a difference!

Researchers at Eastern Michigan University’s Department of Psychology investigate many different aspects of child psychology and development. Our goal is to use what we learn to make positive changes in policy, clinical treatment, and parenting practices. We’re especially interested in reaching local families so we can understand how to best help children in our community succeed. But none of these achievements would be possible without help from local families.

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How it Works

The EMU Family Participant Pool is a central database for research labs studying child psychology at EMU. Researchers use the database to contact local families about taking part in studies.

Agreeing to be in the participant pool only means that researchers may call or email your family. It doesn’t mean that you're agreeing to participate in any study.

After you register your child, we’ll put their name on a large list of children whose families expressed interest in participating in studies. When a new study begins, a researcher will ask for a list of children of a particular age. If your child falls into that age group, we’ll give the researcher your phone number and email address, so they can contact you. The researcher will contact you, describe the study in greater detail, and ask you if you’re interested in participating.

Each study is different. Some studies are phone or online surveys that you can do from home. Other studies send researchers to participants’ homes or schools. Sometimes researchers ask families to visit the Eastern Michigan University campus. To learn more about the types of research going on at EMU, follow the links at the Child and Family Research Labs page. Compensation depends on the particular study. Researchers will discuss compensation when they contact you. Sibling care is often available during studies. Transportation to and from campus for in-person studies is sometimes available.  If you have more questions, contact us at [email protected]

Why Sign Up?

Participating in research is fun for the whole family! Parents often report that they enjoyed seeing what their child did and said as part of a research study. Children have fun playing "games" and other study activities. Families are also compensated for their time and have access to free parking and child care during a study. Plus, you are helping us make scientific discoveries that make a difference. 

How to Register

Complete the online registration form with your family’s information. All information remains confidential. Information is only released to a researcher when a child matches an approved study’s criteria. Researchers also keep all information confidential. It's never given out to anyone else. You can be removed from the participant pool at any time by contacting [email protected]

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