Volunteer Opportunities in Psychology

Consider Volunteering!

Volunteering, though not required for the major, is strongly encouraged as a great way to explore possible career paths, network and get valuable experience that can make you a much more attractive candidate to graduate admissions committees and future employers.

Gaining experience helping people is strongly encouraged to our majors, especially for those who are planning to pursue graduate study in social work, counseling or clinical psychology.

The department has compiled a list of volunteer opportunities for interested students. The document is not intended to serve as a complete resource for the entire area, but rather a great starting point to obtain additional information about volunteer opportunities in Washtenaw county.

Download a list [PDF] of some organizations in Washtenaw County in need of volunteers.

Many human service organizations regularly offer volunteer opportunities. If you are outside of Washtenaw County or want to find additional organizations, you may want to use an online volunteer matching site or connect through your local United Way.


  • 346 EMU Student Center
  • Phone: 734.487.1313
  • Website

EMU’s VISION Volunteer Center provides students and EMU community members with opportunities to learn more about social issues, develop leadership skills and get involved to make a positive change in our society. Our student-led programs, comprised of direct service as well as education and advocacy components, are a great way to meet LBC requirements, earn your work study award, obtain class credit, meet new people, or spend time learning about our world.

Earning College Credit

You may even be able to use your work, internship or volunteer experience towards college credit! The UACDC is available to assist you in gaining employment or in obtaining academic credit for work you have performed within the last six months. Generally, students who have met the junior class level and have at least a 2.5 grade point average will meet program eligibility. Please note: the work experience has to be related to your major and that for every credit you are seeking, 200 work hours are required.

Cooperative Education Forms can be found on the UACDC site within the Forms Library.

Psychology Department Co-Op Program Contacts

Dr. Ellen Koch (Psychology Department)

Bonnie Wethington (UACDC)

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