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EMU Research

Internal Research

Internal research funding supports faculty research, creative, and scholarly endeavors; promotes the University’s research profile and prestige in the community; and is a valuable means of leveraging external support. 

EMU’s current internal award lineup consists of the Faculty Research Fellowship, Sabbatical Leave, Summer Research/Creative Activity Award, Provost's Research Support Award, James H. Brickley Endowment for Professional Development and the Dedicated Time for Scholarly/Creative Activity program, along with the Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program.

A Word About Activity and Location Codes

In order for the University to better capture its internal spending on research, scholarly, and creative activities and to accurately reflect these expenditures in the NSF Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) Survey, we ask you to use the following Activity Codes and Location Codes to indicate the type of scholarship being performed. 

These codes will be used for tracking expenses that are charged against the General Fund, Designated funds, and certain Restricted funds.  Expenses include faculty release time, student help, and SS&M, travel, and equipment purchases that are funded by the Internal Research Awards program and by departments, schools, and dean’s offices in support of the institutional research mission.

Activity Codes indicate whether the type of scholarly/creative activity is Basic, Applied, or Development.  Use these codes for all scholarly/creative activities. Location Codes indicate the academic discipline.  

Elevating Communities, Inspiring Generations

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