Strategic Goals and Benchmarks of the Faculty in the College of Education

    1. Enact viable and effective programs in an inclusive and equitable community of practice
      1. Increase enrollments and retention of students at all levels
      2. Increase minority enrollment in ways that build inclusive and equitable engagement of all students in our programs or courses
    2. Build and maintain community partnerships as integral and an essential dimensions of who we are actively seeking, forming, and maintaining deep mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships
    3. Encourage and strengthen the scholarly work done in the college and its dissemination
      1. Invest in and support student and faculty scholarship and its practical dissemination
      2. Engagement and purposeful sharing of ideas and insights among faculty, students, community partners, alumni, and the public at large
    4. Present a viable and positive image of the COE at EMU to the public and important constituencies
      1. Meet, reconnect, engage, and celebrate our alumni
      2. Purposeful marketing, recruiting, and publicity/PR with audiences of faculty, current and potential students, community and professional partners, alumni, and the public at large

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