Casey Harhold

A photo of Casey Harhold.

Part-Time Lecturer

Special Education and Communication Sciences and Disorders

128 John W. Porter Building


[email protected]


  • MA, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Eastern Michigan University
  • BS, Special Education: Cognitive Impairment/Elementary Education, Eastern Michigan University
  • Michigan Department of State Driver Education Instructor Certification, Central Michigan University


Casey Harhold was a special educator at the high school level. Currently, her focus is pursing her PhD at the University of Toledo in Special Education Curriculum and Instruction. Casey was awarded the Delores Soderquist Brehm Endowed Scholarship for the 2009-2010 academic year at Eastern Michigan University.

Selected Publications

  • Smith, P. (2013). Autoethnographies of educators learning and teaching with/in [dis]ability. (Vol. 12, p. 283). Disabilities Studies in Education.


  • SPGN 251: Introduction to Inclusion and Disabilities in a Diverse Society
  • SPGN 615: Families, Disability, and Schools: Collaborating for Success

Selected Presentations

  • TASH Atlanta, GA: 2011 Poster Session "Special Education is Dead! What's that Mean for Educators, Families, and Students?
  • Eastern Michigan University Graduate Research Fair: 2011 Presenter "Perspectives of Inclusion"
  • TASH Denver, CO: 2010 Co-Presenter "Developing Critical Perspectives in Inclusive Teaching"
  • 6th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry: 2010 Presenter/Panel Chairperson "Perspectives of
  • Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters: 2010 Presenter "Perspectives of Inclusion"
  • American Association on Intellectual and Development Disabilities: 2010 Presenter "Perspectives of
  • TASH Pittsburgh, PA: 2009 Co-Presenter "Critical Perspectives in Inclusive Teacher Preparation"
  • Michigan Association of Teacher Educators: 2009 Co-Presenter "Transforming Teacher Preparation"

Professional Affiliations

  • Brehm Scholars Alumni Chapter Executive/Conference Planning Committee (hosted first conference by the Delores
  • Soderquist Brehm Center for Special Education Scholarship and Research and the Eastern Michigan University
  • Brehm Scholars Alumni Chapter, Connecting the Dots: Building Inclusive Societies, Nov 9, 2013)