Ethan Lowenstein

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Teacher Education

314S-1 John W. Porter Building


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  • 1992 B.A. Carleton College, (Sociology/Anthropology)
  • 1994 M.A. New York University, (Social Studies Education)
  • 2003 Ph.D. New York University, (International Education)

Publications and Presentations

Selected Publications

  • Lowenstein, E., Grewal, I., Nielsen, R., Erkaeva, N., & Voelker, L. (Summer, 2018). Place-based teacher education: A model whose time has come. Issues in  Teacher Education, 27(2), 36-52.
  • Lowenstein, E., Smith, G. (2017). Making a world of difference by looking locally. Educational Leadership, 75, 50-56.
  • Lupinacci, J., Lowenstein, E., Burke, C., & Lazarowicz, A. (Summer, 2017). Teaching for equity and environmental justice. Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly, 2, 27-33.
  • Selman, R.L., Barr, D., Boulay, B., Lowenstein, E., Fine, M., Gamsey, B., McCormick, R. (2014). A randomized controlled trial of professional development for interdisciplinary civic education. Teachers College Record Volume 117 Number 4, 2015, p. ID Number: 17470, Date Accessed: 5/30/2014 10:45:11 AM
  • Burke, W., Marx, G., Lowenstein, E. (2012). Leading, leadership, and learning: exploring new contexts for leadership development in emerging school environments. Planning & Changing, 43, 113-126.
  • Lowenstein, E., Martusewicz, R., & Voelker, L. (2010). Developing teachers’ capacity for EcoJustice Education and Community-Based Learning. Teacher Education Quarterly, 37(4), 99.
  • Lowenstein, E. (2010). Navigating teaching tensions for civic learning. Learning and Teaching (LATISS), 3(1), 32-50.
  • Landorf, H. & Lowenstein, E. (2010). Designing an interactive learning center museum on the civil rights movement in the school context. In E. Heilman with R. Fruja and M. Missias (Eds.), Social studies and diversity education (pp.129- 133). New York: Teachers College Press.
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