Paul (Joe) Ramsey

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Associate Professor

Teacher Education

313P John W. Porter Building


[email protected]


Ph.D., Indiana University

Selected Publications


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  • Ramsey, Paul J. Bilingual Public Schooling in the United States: A History of America's "Polyglot Boardinghouse." New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.


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  • SOFD 328W Schools for a Diverse and Democratic Society
  • HIST 481 The Teaching of Social Studies
  • SOFD 572 History of American Schooling and Literacy
  • SOFD 672/HIST 572 Advanced Study in the History of Education
  • EDST 800 Introduction to Education Studies: Scholarship, Teaching, and Learning
  • URED 811 An Exploration of Urban Education: History, Theory, Policy and Practice

Research Interests

Paul (Joe) Ramsey is an associate professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University. He completed his Ph.D. degree in the history of education at Indiana University and is the author of numerous scholarly publications. His historical interests include bilingual education, immigration, childhood, popular culture and globalization. His other broad areas of interest include philosophy, literature and educational policy.