Alumni Notes for February 25, 2011

Published February 25, 2011

Claudia Sparschu (post-baccalaureate program) was recently named a Maitland P. Simmons National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Fellow in the 2011 NSTA New Science Teacher Academy. Ms. Sparschu was one of 47 K-12 science teachers chosen from hundreds of applicants across the country to engage in professional development and mentoring in science education. Currently, Ms. Sparschu is a science teacher at Redford Thurston High School, in Redford, Michigan.

Eleanor White (BA and MS) was named Director of the Office of Special Education and Early Intervention Services in the Michigan Department of Education in August 2010. Dr. White has served as a teacher, consultant, principal and director of special education at the district level, and has held various positions in the Michigan Department of Education.

David Legg (BA) was a finalist for the 2010 Michigan Teacher of the Year Award. Mr. Legg teaches broadcasting at Novi High School. He earned his teaching certificate in English language arts and psychology from EMU.