Reaching out: A message from the Dean

Submitted by Jann Joseph | Published June 4, 2012


Summer is almost here! After a winter when some days felt like spring, and a spring where many days seemed like summer, the College of Education is ready for the rest and renewal that summer brings. Over the past few months (and much like the weather) we have experienced highs when we expected lows, and showers of reward for doing what we do best: educating outstanding current and future professionals.

The COE is reaching out and seeking collaborations and meaningful relationships with our colleagues on campus, in the region, nationally, and internationally. In this newsletter you will read about our student, faculty, and staff's impact and recognition for outstanding scholarship, teaching, and service. We are especially proud of our current students and alumni who continue to be a part of the solution wherever they are planted.

Our webmaster Paul Vuocolo began reporting to the Division of Communications and continues to provide web services to the COE. This move is an excellent example of how EMU is attempting to combine professional development of its staff whilst sharing services and meeting the needs of our students.

In an effort to improve student services and use technology to support the learning needs of students, the Center for Adaptive Technology Education (CATE) will be incorporated into the Disability Resource Center. CATE will remain in 120 Porter under the leadership of Ms. Jenny Clark and will continue to offer testing accommodations, assistive technologies, and provide its traditional support services for students with disabilities. One of the many benefits of this change is the ability to improve digital learning access for students with disabilities.

The EMU Charter Schools Office has relocated to the Dean's Suite in the Porter Building. This move will strengthen collaborations between Charter Schools and the COE. Many of our faculty are eager to support our charter schools. We are taking steps to include more student teaching and provide support for teacher professional development in EMU charters.

I am happy to report that the Autism Collaborative Center is now part of the organizational structure of the COE and we are working to further develop its excellent reputation for providing cost effective and exemplary service to our clients.

I welcome and embrace these changes and opportunities for our college. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Jann Joseph
Dean, College of Education