Dr. John Palladino (Special Education) publishes papers with undergraduate students

Dr. John Palladino recently published two papers with undergraduate students. The first was published in the Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research with Stefanie Arrieta. Stefanie was an undergrad Special Education – Emotionally Impaired major when she worked on this project and did so with a scholarship from EMU's Equality Center. She is now a master’s student in the Educational Psychology program at EMU. The title of the paper is, "A Multiple-Case Study of Special Education Teachers’ Approaches to LGBT Students with Emotional-Behavior Disabilities" and appeared in volume 10 of the journal.

The second paper was co-written with Jeannie Woerner. She is an undergraduate Special Education – Emotionally Impaired major. She completed this project as part of her Provost sponsored Undergraduate Research Award. The article is entitled, "Assessing Faculty Perspectives About Teaching and Working with Students with Disabilities." It was published in volume 29 of the Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability. Additionally, the editor agreed to publish the survey tool they developed in its entirety, which is now copyrighted and available for other scholars to use and replicate.

posted 6/8/16