EMU College of Education Pathways Program Student Highlights

By Noah Davis, COE Videographer and Rachel Renou, COE Grad Assistant | Published February 18, 2020

The goal of the Pathways program is to encourage students’ interest in the teaching profession from a young age. The program offers financial, social, and academic aid to help the student advance in their profession and continue on their career path within education.

The Pathways program establishes mutually beneficial partnerships between urban and rural schools, the local community – its leaders, businesses, churches, support services, and local universities especially their colleges of education. Each partner brings their expertise and resources to bear on the common problems of improving local schools. Eastern Michigan University serves the role of training initial teachers, administrators, and counselors and providing some of the on-going development needed for teachers, administrators, and counselors to be successful and to remain in the schools. After graduation, the partnership school from which the student originally provides them with an interview for a teaching position.

Recently, the COE marketing team was able to sit down with some students that offered unique perspectives on the program. Students in the Pathways program have all experienced great success and encourage others to apply due to their positive experiences.

Kameron and Jaylen Brown, Special Education majors, are brothers who entered the Pathways program after family members recommended the program to them. The brothers say those closest to them saw potential in them to be great leaders in the classroom, and believed the Pathways program would help them get there. Kameron remembers the Pathways director, Dr. Regina George, contacting the schools in which his mother is the superintendent for. His mom saw this as a great opportunity for her older son already pursuing a career in education. Then, Kameron took the same steps toward encouraging his younger brother to join. “[Kameron] basically told me...come join this program they give out scholarships and they help you get to being a better teacher” (Jaylen Brown).

Students in the Pathways program come from different and diverse backgrounds that are not always traditional. David Smith, a Secondary Math Education major, did not consider education his first time around at Eastern Michigan. However, after an eye-opening experience, he found his passion. “I worked with children in my prior job to coming back to school and I just thought I could make a bigger impact if I were actually teaching them in the classroom” (Smith). Pathways offered him an easy transition back into the classroom to help him pursue his new found passion of inspiring youth.

Overall, students feel more comfortable in their education and career path because of the help they have received from the program. Joi Gray, a Special Education major, is excited to have the chance to be a better equipped leader with the skills necessary to help her future students. “The Pathways program has helped me in my education because it has actually given me a little bit more confidence when I’m speaking to a crowd of high schoolers” (Gray).

About The College of Education at Eastern Michigan University

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