Our Mission

We Support Your Goals.

Who we are

The College of Education (COE) Advising Center provides academic advising and career planning information to students interested in College of Education and professional educator programs at Eastern Michigan University.  We help empower prospective and current students to make academic and career decisions based on the timely information, advice and referrals we provide.  The Center also serves as an advising information resource for faculty and staff, throughout the University, who need to know about College of Education and professional educator programs.  We work with offices throughout the University to coordinate advising activities and contribute to various college and University initiatives.


These are some of the services we offer.

  • Knowledge of teacher certification in MI
  • Assist student in working closely with faculty
  • Help students define and develop goals
  • Help students access academic and emotional support
  • Monitor students’ progress toward goals
  • Advocate for student needs in other colleges and the University at large
  • Communicate University policies and procedures to students, faculty and staff
  • We help students be efficient in reaching their goals
  • Second Admissions process advising


We offer the following programs to assist you in your success.

  • U.achieve: electronic degree auditing
  • Scholarship workshop
  • Starfish: first alert management system
  • Individual advising
  • Advising seminars (Freshman and second admission)


We offer the following resources to assist you in your success.

  • Individualized appointments
  • Fast Track (orientation advising)
  • Group advising
  • Email reminders and notices
  • Degree Audits
  • Review of student progress toward state certification
  • Review of coursework to request extension of financial aid
  • Prospective student advising


Who we serve:

  • Students in Teacher Preparation Program
  • University administrators
  • Students in COE majors
  • Michigan Department of Education
  • Faculty
  • School Districts (Children and Families nationwide)
  • Community Colleges


The value we bring:

  • Improved retention
  • Personal growth and enriched University experience  for students
  • Improved graduation rates
  • Support for faculty and administrators
  • Communication between stakeholders
  • Economic value
  • Certified teachers
  • Knowledge of Teacher Certification in Michigan

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