Meet the Directors

Laura Kovick

Associate Director, First-Year Writing Program

Writing Instructor and University Writing Center Consultant, FYWP, Nursing, Online Programs and Graduate Studies

Pray-Harrold 613B

[email protected]

Laura Kovick began teaching at EMU in 2014 as a graduate assistant in Literature, the First Year Writing Program (FYWP), and the University Writing Center (UWC). After graduation, she continued as a part-time lecturer in First-Year Writing and a consultant with the UWC, while also serving as a co-director of the FYWP’s Celebration of Student Writing. In 2019, she took on the responsibilities of associate director of the FYWP.

In addition to teaching WRTG 120 and WRTG 121 in the FYWP, Laura also teaches a research-based, writing-intensive course (NURS 300W) and assists graduate student and faculty writers through the UWC. Laura’s research interest and focus in the FYWP is on curriculum development, pedagogy, and helping students develop personally-meaningful research.

Meghan Phelps

Associate Director, First-Year Writing Program

Writing Instructor

Pray-Harrold 613E

[email protected]

Meg Phelps joined EMU in 2015 as a graduate assistant for the First Year Writing Program (FYWP) and University Writing Center (UWC). In 2017, she earned a Master of Arts in Written Communication with a Specialization in the Teaching of Writing at EMU. Her current research focuses on rapport between students and instructors and how best to cultivate a classroom of mutual respect and understanding. She earned a BA in Writing and Rhetoric from Oakland University, where she also worked as a writing consultant and embedded writing specialist for several years.

Meg teaches both first-year writing classes (WRTG 120 and WRTG 121) at EMU. She also teaches the corresponding classes at Oakland Community College, where she worked as a Supplemental Instruction Leader and writing tutor for six years.

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