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Located in the Department of English Language & Literature, we work with students at all points in their journey to become knowledgeable and reflective middle and high school English teachers. At the undergraduate level, we prepare students for initial certification through the language, literature and writing for teachers major and minor.

English education, in collaboration with programs in the department of English Language & Literature and the College of Education, is a Bachelor of Arts program committed to developing and sustaining knowledgeable and reflective teachers of secondary English in a diverse society. The nationally accredited program is built on researched-based approaches to teaching language, literature, and writing.  Students complete coursework leading to secondary teacher certification.

At the graduate level, we help teachers continue to strive for excellence in their teaching through the master's in English studies for teachers and the Eastern Michigan Writing Project. 

Thinking about becoming a teacher? Read "Taking the Long View: State Efforts to Solve Teacher Shortages by Strengthening the Profession"  in a new report from the Learning Policy Institute.

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  • Fall 2020 Changes in the Secondary Education Language, Literature and Writing Major

    The Fall 2020 Secondary Education Language, Literature, and Writing Major

    Requirements in the LLW-T major for students entering EMU in Fall 2020 can be found at this link in the Fall 2020 catalog. Required classes for the previous LLW-T major and the current major are similar in that they both require classes in linguistics, literature, writing, and English teaching pedagogy. There are two key differences with the new LLW-T program. First, the new program has fewer elective literature choices and lines up closely with the non-teaching English majors. This provides an opportunity for the English department to offer more sections of the required classes. Second, the new LLW-T major lines up with the new College of Education Teaching and Learning (with Secondary Certification) major. This eliminates the need for a minor and shortens the length of the overall program.

    What this means for you:

    You may all remain in the catalog you have been following. You do not need to move to new requirements until your catalog is 7 years old. Students who have completed a majority of the classes in language, literature, and writing may wish to remain following their current catalog requirements due to the complications in the transition. Having said that, students who have not yet completed many of the classes in language, literature, and writing may wish to move to the new requirements. Classes may be simpler to schedule and the program may be a bit shorter to complete. If you choose to move to the new program, we can work with you to substitute classes you have already taken to count in the new program.

    How to change catalogs and follow newer requirements:

    Students wishing to move to a different catalog would do so by completing the Major/Minor declaration form

    For further information:

    Please view the new requirements to compare what you have taken with the new program. If you think you may wish to change to the newer requirements, please contact English faculty advisor, Cathy Fleischer at [email protected], for specific information on which requirements may be best for you.

    Students looking for information on graduation requirements and how the new major fits in with education classes should meet with a professional advising in the College of Education Advising Center

    Please note, an email is forthcoming that will address the Teaching and Learning (with Secondary Certification) major. Also note, the LLW-T minor requirements remain the same at this time but are expected to be updated in a future semester.

  • Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

    If you already have a bachelor's degree but have never been certified to teach:

    1. Attend a group advising session in the COE for post baccalaureate students.
    2. Meet individually with an advisor in the COE to discuss your program of study. Your advisor will suggest the classes that you have to take to satisfy the major/minor requirements.
    3. Meet with an English advisor to look over those suggestions and to determine if they meet the requirements of the department.
    4. Take the agreed upon classes to fulfill the requirements.
    5. Pass the MTTC test in English.
  • Adding an Endorsement

    If you already are a certified secondary teacher, seeking to add an English endorsement:

    1. Meet with an English advisor and together fill out the program of study. (Make sure to bring a transcript of courses you've already taken to this meeting.)
    2. Take the agreed-upon classes to fulfill the requirements.
    3. Pass the MTTC test in English.
    4. Contact Molly Thornbladh and apply to have the endorsement added.

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Eastern Michigan Writing Project

The Eastern Michigan Writing Project (EMWP) is one of 11 sites of the National Writing Projects of Michigan and one of more than 200 sites of the National Writing Project.

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Continuing Education

Michigan teachers are required to periodically update their teaching certificates. Staff in the COE's Office of Academic Services can advise you on requirements and adding endorsements.

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Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

EMU offers teacher preparation programs for those with a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and who have never been certified to teach.