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In the twenty-first century, writing no longer consists of alphanumeric text alone. To meet these demands, students need to be prepared to compose and compete within the modern workplace, which often requires video, digital, and multimedia projects. The EMU Digital Studio fosters twenty-first century literacies by supporting students and faculty as they work on multimodal projects. We offer a designated space for students and faculty to work on and receive assistance in composing rhetorically-sound and digital and multimedia assignments/projects. Such assignments/projects include, but are not limited to, designing an electronic portfolio, designing a website, creating a blog, composing a visual essay, selecting images to embed in a text, adding audio and/or video into a text, and creating a presentation.

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    What We Offer

    Consultants who staff the Digital Studio will be available to help brainstorm project ideas, provide feedback on the content and design of a multimedia project, and/or explain the interface and nuances of a given program. The Digital Studio is here to assist students and faculty at any stage of the composing process.

    The Digital Studio also exists as a design space accessible to those who prefer to work with minimal assistance from staff to complete assignments/projects using the technology and devices available within the space. 

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    Scheduling A Consultation

    For tutorials and information on scheduling a consultation, please see our website:

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    Pray Harrold, Room 424 

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