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Graduate Assistant(s)

Blessing Dickson

Pursuing MA in English Linguistics 

[email protected] 

Blessing is an English Linguistics graduate student; this is her first year with the Digital Studio. Alongside working with the studio, Blessing is a graduate assistant for the First Year Writing Program and the Jewish Life and Language in Southeast Michigan (JLLSM) Project. English and education have always been central to Blessing’s interests throughout life, as she has always been interested in the vast possibilities that can be explored through the creative use of the English language. Blessing's undergraduate degree is in English education; her love for education and language sparked her love for volunteering. In Blessing's spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends.


Hannah Gottman

Pursuing MA in Writing Studies

[email protected] 

This is Hannah's second year with the Digital Studio. Alongside working with the Digital Studio, Hannah is a University Writing Center consultant. Hannah discovered her passion for writing her sophomore year of high school. Since then, Hannah’s earned her undergraduate degree from Eastern in English and public relations. During that time, Hannah was a PRSSA member, wrote a few articles for the Eastern Echo, and worked at DTE Energy as a student co-op. Other than writing in her spare time, Hannah loves spending time with her three nieces, riding horses, creating wood art, baking, and exercising.


Holly Greca

Pursuing MA in Children's LIterature

[email protected]

This is Holly's second year of grad school and her first year working with the Digital Studio. Holly also works as a graduate assistant in the Children's Literature program at EMU. Holly earned her undergraduate degree from Eastern in Children's Literature and Theatre for the Young. She enjoys the creative side of things and enjoys transforming writing into creative, multimodal projects. In her spare time, Holly runs marathons with a charity called Love Runs. She takes dance classes, martial arts, and enjoys video games and spending time with family and friends. 


MacKenzie Smith 

Pursuing MA in Writing Studies

[email protected] 

MacKenzie is a graduate student in the Writing Studies program with a concentration in teaching writing. She received her undergraduate degree from Eastern in English and history. MacKenzie recently started working as a graduate assistant with the Digital Studio. Outside of her studies, MacKenzie finds creative ways to combine her love of writing and history. She is passionate about volunteering in local history projects and creating history-related programs in her community. MacKenzie also enjoys reading and spending time with her family in her spare time.  


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