Undergraduate Studies

The study of English will prepare you to use language masterfully, appropriate to the situation in which you’re communicating. Through the exploration of literature you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the historical forces that have shaped society and humankind, and how the verbal arts continue to mold our cultural and personal identities. You’ll cultivate your critical and creative skills in both theoretical and practical courses, learning how to craft an argument, design for print and other media, analyze texts and data, and utilize common and emerging technologies. Whether you’re interested in a major or minor, an English degree will help you develop the analytical and communication skills deemed absolutely essential by companies large and small.

What are the expected outcomes of an English degree?

The ability to:

  • write clearly and effectively.
  • think both creatively and analytically.
  • analyze and critically evaluate not just language, but other forms of communication.
  • understand texts in their cultural, historical and political contexts.
  • recognize and evaluate various perspectives in both materials and data.
  • respond to information with organized, clear statements and ideas.
  • work productively and cooperatively.

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