From Books to Careers!

The Children’s Literature Program at EMU is one of the oldest in the United States. We maintain this tradition by teaching courses in the history of children’s literature, mythology, and folklore. We also offer cutting-edge courses in such diverse areas as children’s media and culture, multicultural children’s literature, global children’s literature, queer children’s literature, adolescent literature, Jewish children’s literature, illustrated texts, and various special topics. We hope you’ll come join us!

  • Jobs We Get

    A degree in children's literature allows graduates to pursue a wide variety of careers, including:

    • library technician, librarian
    • publisher, author, editor, bookseller
    • elementary teacher, high school teacher, university professor
    • communications director, project manager
    • children's media, children's television, children's marketing, children's licensing

    Our alumni have become editors at MacMillian Learning, content specialists for Volkswagon Group of America, librarians and library clerks, teachers (primary and secondary) and successful children's and young adult authors.

  • Course Offerings in Children's Literature

    View Children's Literature course offerings for upcoming terms by visiting the course schedule page.

  • Graduate Placement Record

    Many of our alumni have continued their studies at the graduate level, including placements at: 

    • Ph.D.: Ohio State University
    • Ph.D.: University of Florida
    • MLIS: University of Michigan

    Please note that Ph.D.s and some careers may require graduate degrees.

Additional Information

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Alumni Stories

Our alumni are editors, content specialists, librarians and library clerks, teachers and authors.


Children's literature undergraduate students are welcome to apply to scholarships.