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Why Study English?

The Department of English Language & Literature offers a wide variety of courses designed to provide you with the essential skills needed to flourish in your life and career. The intensive study of language deepens your understanding of the world and yourself, prepares you to communicate effectively in various types of media, and introduces you to critical modes of thinking that are applicable to almost any career. A degree in English is fundamentally skill-based; your knowledge of textual analysis paired with the ability to form compelling arguments and clearly communicate those ideas will never be obsolete. 

Who We Are

  • The Department of English Language & Literature has eight diverse programs offering dozens of options in major/minor concentrations at the undergraduate level, as well as six master's degrees and four professional graduate certificates. As the largest department on campus, we serve all undergraduates in the required course, WRTG 121 Composition II, Researching the Public Experience.

    There are many places an English degree can take you. Which degree is right for you?