2024 CONNECT Conference


What is the CONNECT Conference?

Amidst the cold days and gray skies of a Michigan winter, sometimes we just need to CONNECT with each other, learn from each other, and support each other.  This is especially so in the teaching realm - while teaching is at some level a communal activity, the challenges we face can often breed isolation, and loneliness.  So, join us at our CONNECT Conference to learn about what your colleagues are doing, to share your own insights on this work we share, and to think deeply about how we can be better at what we do when we do it together.  Commensurate with this theme, we are especially excited to have Peter Felten join us to talk about the importance of relationships in higher education.  

The 2024 CONNECT Conference will take place on Friday, February 9th. We look forward to CONNECTing with you at the conference!


Peter F

We are very excited to welcome Dr. Peter Felten to our campus as our 2024 CONNECT Keynote Speaker!

Peter Felten is professor of history, executive director of the Center for Engaged Learning, and assistant provost for teaching and learning at Elon University. During the 2022-2023 academic year, he was named Fulbright Canada Distinguished Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, at Carleton University in Ottawa. Peter has published six books about undergraduate education including (with Leo Lambert), Relationship-Rich Education: How Human Connections Drive Success in College (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020). His next book, a student guide to relationship-rich education, co-authored with Isis Artze-Vega, Leo Lambert, and Oscar Miranda Tapia, was recently published by Johns Hopkins in 2023 (with an open access online version free to all readers). He has served as president of the  International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) and also of the POD Network, the U.S. professional society for educational developers. He is on the advisory board of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and is a fellow of the Gardner Institute, a foundation that works to advance equity, justice, and upward social mobility through higher education. Contact Peter at [email protected].

Here is the 2024 CONNECT Teaching Conference Program. More information will be out soon about each session. 

2024 CONNECT Program

Are you interested in attending the 2024 CONNECT Conference? We’d love to have you join us! Please let us know that you are coming by completing the registration form below. We ask that you please register no later than Friday, February 2nd. We can’t wait to see you!

Register to Attend

The FDC’s 2024 CONNECT Conference will focus on the importance of creating and enriching connections in higher education. With this theme in mind, we ask faculty, staff, and students to join us for a conversation based around the ideas expressed in Keynote Speaker Peter Felten’s book, entitled Connections are Everything. This event will include a brief panelist discussion about what allows for successful, and unsuccessful, connections. Attendees will then participate in table discussions surrounding what students, faculty, and the university as a whole can do to improve connections on campus. This event will take place on Thursday, February 8 at 4 PM in Room 310 A/B of the Student Center. Click here to register.

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