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Eating and Addictive Behaviors Lab

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The Eastern Michigan University Eating and Addictive Behaviors Lab is comprised of EMU faculty and students with diverse interests in addiction, eating behavior, binge eating disorder, "food addiction", bariatric surgery, weight stigma, multiple risk behavior, and other weight-and eating-related research. In addition to conducting studies internally, we have also worked on projects with collaborators from a number of health facilities, including Brighton Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, and St. Vincent Bariatric Center of Excellence. Our purpose is: 1) to better understand the causes and maintaining factors of weight-related disorders, 2) to better understand the relationships between eating behaviors and various types of addiction, and 3) to better understand factors promoting weight loss, healthy weight maintenance, and weight-related psychological well-being in a variety of populations.  

We have a special interest in the nature and development of substance use disorder subsequent to bariatric surgery. Our interest was sparked during an early study when we observed that a high proportion of patients in inpatient substance abuse treatment reported a history of bariatric surgery. Much of our work since then has focused on this area of study. 

In addition, we focus on a range of addictive behaviors, including both chemical and behavioral addictions. For example, beyond traditionally recognized forms of substance abuse, we are interested in food addiction/binge eating, internet addiction, videogame addiction, and gambling disorder. 


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