Eastern Michigan University
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Devon Erps

Personal Training

Devon Erps 100 Olds/Robb Building


[email protected]


Pursuing a Bachelor's degree at EMU

Interests and Expertise

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer

I have been involved in health and fitness my whole life. From ages 5 to 18 I was constantly participating in a competitive sport. This lifestyle has molded me into the person I am today and has instilled in me the value of hard work. Exercise is the single most influential activity in my life. Working out grants me confidence, motivation, an outlet for stress, and true intrinsic happiness. I KNOW that with the right push, physical activity can do the same for everyone.

I want to help everyone achieve a healthier body and mind, especially those seeking functional fitness. Functional fitness is cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and overall coordination of body movements. Whether you are looking to compete at an elite level, climb a flight of stairs without being winded, or cut down a mile time, I can help you achieve your goals.

Using my nearly 15 years of involvement and experience in exercise and fitness I aim to change people’s lifestyles and make them happier with themselves. The path to change is not easy and only you can decide when it’s necessary. But as my old football coach says, “Nothing worth having is easy to obtain.”

Devon’s Philosophy: 
“Every day you will decide if you will drive forward and improve or fall back and regress.”

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