Eastern Michigan University
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Lindy-Ann Bourne

Pound Fitness Instructor

lindyann 100 Olds/Robb Building


[email protected]


  • Graduate Assistant in the Office of Nutrition Services
  • Pursuing a Master's Degree in Nutrition

Interests and Expertise

Lindy-Ann is a new group fitness instructor for  Pound   at the RecIM this year.  Pound   is a cardio workout which infuses drumming with Pilates

Lindy-Ann enjoys working out because it gives her great satisfaction when assisting people in achieving their fitness goals. She loves running because she finds it therapeutic and she does it as often as time allows. Lindy-Ann regularly participates in races and has participated in the Dexter Ann Arbor race for the past 6 years.

Fitness has always been part of her life as she was a sprinter since she was 8 and she ran Track for EMU as an undergraduate. After Lindy-Ann became a mom, she struggled with her health and had to change her nutritional habits and incorporate fitness into her regular routine.  She was able to transform herself physically which positively affected all areas of her life. "Change can be a challenge but change is possible!"

Pound is new to campus so we encourage you to stop by, try something new and let’s make exercise fun again!

Lindy-Ann's philosophy: “slow and steady wins the race” (Tortoise and Hare story).   "It simply means that even a person with average talent can achieve success through persistent efforts. Consistency is the key!"


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