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Undergraduate Pass/Fail Request

*Required Fields: Failure to fill in or answer may result in no response. If you do not get a response by e-mail within two (2) "University" business days, please resubmit this form. Make sure you have completed all the fields. If a second attempt fails, please contact our office at the number to the left.

*Semester during which course will be taken (please select one):


**We cannot waive your advising and/or give personal information if you do not use your my.emich eMail account. This is due to FERPA. Please refer to your catalog regarding this Federal Act. If you use another account, we can only answer general information.

  • Only undergraduate juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher may take courses on pass/fail.
  • Only general elective courses (a.k.a. free electives) outside of the major, minor, basic studies, and physical activity requirements may be taken as pass/fail.
  • Courses taken as pass/fail may not apply toward the minimum credit hours needed for scholarships.
  • Honors courses may not be taken as pass/fail either.
  • Refer to the current schedule of classes for the deadlines for declaring pass/fail as well as the deadline for removing it.
  • Refer to your catalog for more details on policies regarding pass/fail.
*Required Please answer the following questions before submitting:

*Are you a junior or senior in good academic standing (cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher): 


*Is this course applying in any way toward your major, minor, general education requirement, physical education requirement, or other curriculum requirements?: 


*Have you taken this course before and completed it for a letter grade?: 


*How many courses have you previously taken as pass/fail?: 


If you have taken six (6) courses as "pass/fail" prior to this request, STOP. You are not eligible to take another course as "pass/fail".

Please submit the following information:

Comments and/or Questions about the pass/fail option:

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