College in Prison

The EMU College in Prison (CiP) Program at Women’s Huron Valley (WHV) correctional facility provides students with an opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s degree through Eastern Michigan University. We offer a general studies degree with courses from across the College of Arts & Sciences as well as other Colleges. During the 2023-24 academic year, our offerings include Counseling, Creative Writing, Economics, History, Management, Philosophy, and Social Work courses. In future years, we plan to offer courses in Africology and African American Studies, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Criminology, Literature, Media, Political Science, Sociology, Urban Planning, and Women's and Gender Studies. We also provide wrap around support including financial aid assistance, academic advising, curricular and program oversight, mentoring, technology, and supplies. 

EMU has a long history of engagement with WHV, offering uncredited courses since 2008. Prior to the restoration of Pell eligibility for all incarcerated students, EMU was granted Second Chance Pell access in 2022. Barriers related to COVID-19 pushed back the launch until fall 2023. 

Bachelor’s degrees enable greater job opportunities and higher earnings. Additionally, successfully completing a degree boosts self-esteem for incarcerated students and provides them with fulfilling activities during incarceration. As a Carnegie Engaged Institution (Community Classifications 2008 and 2015) and a public university dedicated to local and global impact, EMU has a long history of expanding opportunities for students to earn bachelor’s degrees. 

For more information, please contact our director, Meghan Lechner, or our academic administrator, Beth Currans.

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