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Undergraduate Economics Programs

The Department of Economics at EMU offers majors and minors in economics with diversified areas of specialization. A major in Economics (BA), Quantitative Economics (BS-STEM) are housed in the department while Actuarial Science and Economics (BS) is offered in in collaboration with the Mathematics Department. The department also supports the Business Administration in Economics (BBA) and International Business in Economics in collaboration with College of Business. The department also participates in other University programs such as language and international trade, a minor in Urban Studies, and the Women's Studies program.

Undergraduate Programs Offered in the Department

Undergraduate Programs Offered in Collaboration with Other Departments

Honors Program in Economics

The department participates in the University Honors College Program by regularly offering special honors sections of Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON201) and Principles of Microeconomics (ECON202). Less frequently we try to offer an honors section of one of our upper level classes. All faculty members are available to work with honors students on honors contracts for individual classes and on honors theses for students in one of our programs who are graduating with honors.

Cooperative Education

Students in the department's various programs have the possibility of combining work and academic credit through the cooperative education program. Economics majors may use cooperative education credits in fulfilling their general education requirements.

Cooperative Education placements involve working for pay at a job related to your academic program. These placements are arranged through the Cooperative Education Office in the University Advising and Career Development Center located on the second floor of McKenny Hall. The phone number for career services is 734.487.0400. The academic credit portion of the Cooperative Education experience is supervised by a faculty member in the department. For economics majors that is Dr. Mehmet Yaya.

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