Craig Dionne

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English Language and Literature

612H Pray-Harrold


[email protected]


Ph.D. in Literary and Cultural Theory, Carnegie Mellon University

Interests and Expertise

English Renaissance literature
Literary and cultural theory

Research interests

Shakespeare and eco-criticism
Posthuman theory
Global Shakespeare
Theater in early modern urban culture
History of the discipline

Sabbatical June 2014–June 2015

Visiting researcher, Keio University, Tokyo.

Publications and Presentations

  • Posthuman Lear: Reading Shakespeare in the Anthropocene. Punctum Books, 2016. 
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  • Native Shakespeares: Indigenous Appropriations on a Global Stage, Eds. Craig Dionne and Parmita Kapadia, Ashgate Press, 2008. 
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  • Disciplining English. Eds. Craig Dionne and David Shumway. Albany: SUNY University Press. 2002.
  • "When Did We Become Post/human?" Co-editor. Inaugural issue: postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies.  


  • “The First Folio’s Wonder: Shakespeare’s Compulsive Patterns of Invention,” Shakespeare’s First Folio Revisited: Quadricentennial Essays, Ed. Reme Perni. Universidad de Salamanca Press, 2023.

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  • “Introduction: Shakes-cene” co-written with Lowell Duckert, Special Issue of Early Modern Culture, Shakespeare in the Anthropocene, co-edited with Lowell Duckert, 2018.

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  • “On Paying Off and Paying Back: 2012 Annual MMLA Convention” President’s Address and Introduction to PMMLA (2014) 47.1.

  • “Before the Trains of Thought Have Been Laid Down So Firmly: The Premodern Post/human.” Guest Editor with Eileen Joy of Inaugural Issues 1 & 2

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